Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Homemaking Spirit

I was thinking a little about my childhood. My father did a wonderful job keeping a pleasant religious spirit in our home. I learned a lot just by observing the way he lived. In his spare time, he was often reading the Bible or working in the garage while listening to gospel music.

When my children became teens, my father pulled me aside and gave me a present. It was a set of cassette tapes and book. This was what he used to help him get through our teen years. I had no idea that he had been secretly reading such things! The set was made in the 1980's I believe. The advice was by a godly father who talked about what the teen years were like for public schooled children. He explained how to be there for your children, how to help them feel loved, and how to be a gentle guide in their lives. I have since misplaced this and will do a major search for it. I would really like to listen to it again.

Remembering these kinds of things is what puts me in a mood to love home. I love keeping house, cooking for my family and cleaning.

This morning I was so happy. I was cheerful, gave the children extra hugs and just did my chores with a "spring in my step."

The Homemaking Spirit is about loving home. It can be passed on to others - be it your children, your guests or your friends around you. In order to love home, you have to be cheerful. You cannot let the outside world's ills upset you.

Someone has to keep the home fires burning. And the homemaker is the ideal person for such a job. She is protected under the the covering of her home. Her family loves to come home to see her and to enjoy her quiet and gentle company.

This morning, when I was thinking about how content and at peace I was, Nicole (20) said she wished she could be as happy as I was. "Well, I have been reading my Bible this morning." I told her. Then I said part of Psalm 23, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."

May you have a pleasant day at home!

Mrs. White


CrazyMom said...

You are just SO sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White-
Once again a great post and it definitely encourages me as a young mom to love to stay home because being on a base and so close to other families there is a lot of pressure to take the kids out and play a lot. Some days my husband comments how I am never home. So now that it's coming to the rainy season I have an excuse to stay home :)


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