Friday, October 30, 2009

My Access – Vantage Learning

TOS Crew Review

Product: “My Access” – an online writing program.

Company: Vantage Learning

Cost: One year Subscription is $99.95 for three students.

*I received this product from this company (for free), for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*

Product Description:

"My Access will help you develop the strong writing skills and confidence you need to be successful in both your academic and professional efforts. [It is] a completely web-based solution to improve your writing. My Access requires no software and is accessible anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection - at home, at school, at work, or at the library." - From the website

Our Experience with the Product:

Amy, my 14 year old, loved this from the moment she signed on. She spent 2 and ½ hours having a blast. She wrote, she edited, she “published” her work and then emailed it to me. She loved it! As a matter of fact, I had a hard time getting her away from this! The only thing that got her to stop using this was the fact that dinner was getting cold! On other days, she was more than eager to use the program. She still enjoys it and we will continue using it.

Matthew, 16, is more of a “whatever” kind of student. He willingly did this but only a little at a time. He wrote a couple of short essays and did a few of the activities. That was about all he felt like doing. However, he is more than willing to work more on this, it is just a matter of everyone getting enough computer time. I plan to have him continue with this.

Some highlights:

1. There are several essay topics for your child to choose from, based on their age and level. You, as the parent, get to choose the assignments. The choices include different types of essays such as: narrative, persuasive, and informative. You can also add your own topics for your student to complete.

2. Once the student writes an essay, they click on “Editor” to see and correct any mistakes they have made. “My tutor” also explains things to them, giving them suggestions.

3. They can choose activities, which are wonderful. They are given passages to read and have to choose from multiple choice answers. This helps sharpen their writing skills.

4. The program evaluates your student’s writing and gives you a progress report in the following categories: Focus, Organization, Content and Development, Language Use, Mechanics and Conventions. [Note: We did not take these too seriously, but considered the overall program to be a worthwhile way to get in some writing practice.]

I think this is a fun addition to our homeschool program. I don’t consider this to be a curriculum, in and of itself, however, it is very useful and fun.

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