Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Review Stand – Diving into God’s Words

This is a slim little book that is not overwhelming. “Stand, Diving into God’s Words” was written by Alex McFarland. It contains 124 pages and has 11 short chapters. I found the devotions and facts to be an easy and quick read.

Mr. McFarland has been working with teens for the past 20 years. He is currently President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. The book itself was written for teens. It is “a discovery of Psalm 119.”

It is full of stories (or short devotions), which are designed to make teens think. I appreciated some of these lessons, (and short facts) but did find a few problems. The author mentions (in an illustration to make a point) a Buddhist statue. He then directs readers to search the internet for more information. Personally, I don’t want my teenagers having their curiosity piqued about this, while they are supposed to be doing a Biblical study. The lesson is out of place.

I also found portions of the book to be (quite frankly) watered down. This will only confuse students and leave them with a struggling faith.

There are a variety of topics covered here such as: Attitude, Goals, Prayer, Happiness and Troubles. There is also a nice section in the back which is a suggested reading guide for Psalm 119. It includes blank lines for notes. This is broken down into 22 days, the number of letters in the Hebrew Alphabet, which is quite interesting.

The book is a Focus on the Family resource and was provided to me for free by Tyndale House Publishers for the purpose of sharing my opinion.


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