Monday, November 16, 2009

Homeschooling Today at the White House

Winter Sunset

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This morning, it is so peaceful in my house. I scrubbed my dining room table and then set out a large stack of school books for John (12) to do today. I am sure it will take him all day, and into the night to accomplish all the work. But he will have many breaks.

I also set up a large stack of books for Amy (14) to do later this afternoon. She is busy this morning taking care of babies, but she will study later.

I wish I could show you a picture of what it looks like here, but I will try to describe it.

Our wood pellet stove is on and the fire through the glass window looks so calming. It is cozy in here. John is leaning over his books at the table. Behind him is a wall covered with built in bookcases, just like something you would see in a library. The room is somewhat dim. It is still a bit dark and dreary outdoors. But I turned a light on, so it looks so nice in here. This is an old house we live in. It has 14 rooms, and was built in the 1850's. Our furniture is old and mismatched. In our living room is our stove, dining room table, a desk, a few chairs, a hutch, and an old singer sewing machine cabinet.

I am busy, puttering around the rooms tidying things up while John works. Occasionally, he will ask me a question and I go over to help him. I am folding laundry in a chair near the table. I am also doing dishes and getting ready to plan a nice hot lunch.

I am blessed and grateful to be home.

Mrs. White


Wendy said...

Hi Mrs. White,

I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and entering my book giveaway contest. Tristan won the book (The Sound of Sleigh Bells). I hope you will visit again soon. :)


CrazyMom said...

Again, you are just so lovely. You paint such a lovely picure of your home. I am always running around here like a nut, and our home is always filled with so much noise. The children are often not so nice with one another, and at times I am not so nice either!

I am just about to the point that I will just have to settle on begin a GRANDMA with a nice, clean, loving, and cozy home. Until then, it will probably remain "The Crazy House!"

midwest mama said...

It sounds so peaceful in your home...can I come over and staying awhile ;-)?

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