Sunday, March 28, 2010

Resting at our Vermont Estate


I have had a lovely, restful day. Amy (15) has been tending to my kitchen duties. I am relaxing at our cozy Vermont Estate. Doesn't that sound precious? We can make anything in our lives sound more pleasant, simply through our choice of words. The real fact is that we live in an old house in Vermont. But I like to call it an Estate.

I have some sewing ideas. I will go through my patterns on a search for a nice skirt to make. I want an ankle length one with a side zipper. I also want to make a tunic length peasant top to go with it. I am thinking dark sage for the skirt and plum for the top.

I will try to focus on this job and do a rush. Perhaps while I am forced to rest, I can use my idle hours to sew? I have been very worn out and ill, but enjoying my break. If the children are handling the housekeeping, I will sew. Since I only sew by hand, it will take me much longer to get this project completed. I am actually considering the idea of pulling out our sewing machine.... Maybe I will do that this coming winter. I just don't enjoy the process of sewing with a machine. Hand-sewing takes longer but is much more peaceful for me.

I have fresh baked cookies and they are delicious. Amy and her friend baked them for us. They did a great job and I am so grateful.

It is windy outside, but we are warm and cozy indoors.

Hope your day is precious!

Mrs. White

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Laura Lane said...

I do sew with a machine, but I have the skills to sew by hand. I once took a class to learn quilting. The instructor taught us to piece the quilt by hand. It made me quite particular with my sewing.

I hope you don't mind so many comments coming from me. I don't want to seem like a stalker. You are simply helping me through a difficult time with your writings.

Your Missouri friend,
Mrs. Laura
Harvest Lane Cottage
on the bank of Center Creek
at the edge of the Missouri Ozarks

Everything does sound better when you call it something nice.

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