Saturday, May 22, 2010

Church Time at Home

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I just finished having our daily church time with John (12). No one else is around. We had a lovely time singing hymns, reading the Bible, hearing a story and praying. I remembered what it was like when all my children were little. Bible time in those days was fun too. It did not always go well, there were good and bad days.  But the effort was a blessing.

Since the children were familiar with our hymn books, they would read them for fun.  I remember when my father came over one day. Amy (now 15) was around 4 years old. She was sitting on the couch, cute as could be, holding a hymn book in her hands. Dad was trying to fix my stove. He walked through the living room and saw Amy reading. Then he did a double take when he noticed her excitement about the hymn book in her hands, and her little voice singing. It is a precious memory.

On another occasion, Nicole (now 20) was around 8 years old. She was a feisty one, and loved to quarrel. (smiles). Well, I offered to let her pick out the hymn so we could finish our church time. She was being quite the brat. So she looked through the book and said with a mischievous smirk, "Number 315!"  We all looked it up and then I noticed the title of the hymn. It was "Take my Life and Let it Be!" 

Our latest situation was a few days ago. Nicole was home from college. She sat with John, Amy and I for our evening church time.  Amy was waiting for a phone call and was fidgety. Being the nice mother I am (smiles), I told her she could be excused when the call came through. So she sat and waited, and tried her best to participate. We just happened to be reading an interesting passage in Deuteronomy and Nicole volunteered to read. Her shock and questions and tone of voice made us all extremely interested in the reading. (It was Deuteronomy chapters 21 through 23 and yes, Nicole read all of it out loud to us.)  Then we did our prayers and hymns and story. We were just about finished and still no phone call for Amy. Finally, she stood up and mumbled to herself, complaining about her friend who never called, "Way to save me from Bible time!"

The best memories of all are when every single one of us is home and sitting all together doing our church time. I almost cry with joy at those moments. I have mentioned before that I record, in a little homemade book, who is present at each home service, and what we read and did. So I have a permanent record, which I love.

All in all, it is an adventure to have a time of church at home. There are sometimes tears, strivings, and even laughter. But it is worth every moment!

Mrs. White
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