Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner and More

 - The contest ended for the book, "Radical. - Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream."

The Winner is - Kathy skrkdale@yahoo.com

Thank you to everyone who entered!

- I have another giveaway coming up later today. There is also still time to enter my housewife gift pack, which includes a 1950's cookbook,TV series and a vintage style apron. (Ends 5/20)

 - Are you concerned about the media and it's affect on your children? I am listening to an amazing sermon right now. It is called:

The SHOCKING Spiritual Dangers of Web Surfing, Rock Music, TV and Movies - Do WE have Word Filled Minds? by Dr. John Barnett.

This sermon is offered through Sermon Audio.

Mrs. White


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