Friday, June 25, 2010

Creating a Happy Home

Farm House Near Volney, Virginia in Central Appalachia

My dear son, John (12) made pancakes for our breakfast today. The house is still quiet. We are the only ones who are awake. The sun is starting to shine and I am going to open the windows to enjoy the fresh air.  We've had some trials and suffering this week, (Falling in the Rain) but things are getting better.

The sad thing about today - I cannot wash my dishes. My hands are still hurting. But we have paper plates and paper cups so the housework won't be too overwhelming for the children to handle without me.

I have some Bible reading to catch up on. I also want to sit on the porch and enjoy a happy home.  Here is what I am going to do today to help create happiness for my family:

1. This evening, I will set the table with a special tablecloth and our blue willow china.
2. With the help of the children, I will prepare a delicious supper.
3. I will have Amy bake brownies.
4. I will smile and be peaceful.
5. I will praise everyone and tell them how special they are to me.
6. I will say extra prayers to let the Lord take my burdens and worries.
7. I will sing hymns and enjoy our family Bible time today.
8. I will drink a lot of hot tea.

I have some errands to do this afternoon. I will take the children with me. I am not able to carry anything. I am still hurting and worn out. But the children can do most of the work. We will buy groceries and a special surprise for everyone.

It will be a lovely, precious day.

Mrs. White


Julie said...

I hope you have a great day . . . it sounds delightful.

Feel better soon Mrs. White.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your lovely day!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Linda said...

So happy you are better today.It sounds like a very painful fall.
I hope you rest well.

Diane said...

I am so sorry you had such a bad fall. I hope and pray you are recovering quickly.

Carole said...

You have a wonderful attitude. Prayers and good wishes for a very speedy recovery!

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