Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Happy Visit

Coke Victorian Red

We have had a delightful day. Amy and I sewed off-and-on for hours. I also did almost everything on my to-do list. I did my grocery shopping and bought plenty of food to last us a couple of weeks. Right now I am drinking a nice Root Beer. It is such a treat to have a pleasant beverage. 

Have I told you about our little home -sewing shop? Amy (15) and I are doing a 60 day challenge. We are hand-sewing one apron every day for 60 days, without the use of a machine. We started on June 1st and are on our second apron. 

It is like a sewing school for Amy. She is my seamstress-in-training.  She had a great time doing our photo-shoot today! She is quite a character and kept me laughing. 

  We designed a simple apron pattern together. 

I am going to bake a chocolate cake tomorrow. It will have coconut sprinkles all over it. I am also going to attempt to make coconut milk. I will write about this tomorrow and offer a giveaway! (Not for the cake! - smiles)

I will also post the name of the winner for our current giveaway - The Belly Burner.  

I wanted to start a series today about teaching home economics to daughters, but didn't have time. I will work on that soon. It is a fun topic, and I'd love to share what I am doing with Amy (15).

It is very late at night. I am going to light a candle, turn on some classical music and put on my apron. Then I am going to clean and shine up my living room. It will look lovely and make home a delight!

Hope you have a joyous evening!

Mrs. White

Edited update - We had to slow down the project. We finished several aprons, but not 60. It was a great experience!

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Debbie said...

What a fun business idea! Good luck completing your 60 aprons in 60 days!

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