Friday, June 11, 2010

Identity Theft - Sermon by Doug Phillips

Product - 2 Disk audio CDs, "Identity Theft" by Doug Phillips

Total Length - 111 minutes.

Publisher - Vision Forum

Description from the publisher:

"Whether it’s the latest fashion trend, teen pop sensation, or sports icon, the culture of the world is constantly vying for the affections of our families. At the heart of this crisis is “identity theft”: rather than identify with Christ, who bought us with a price, the world would have us identify with its customs and ideals. In this powerful message, Doug Phillips poses key questions that get to the heart of the matter: Who are your heroes? What songs do you sing? Do you prefer the company of weak-minded Christians or strong-minded Christians? Put simply: With whom do you identify? Along the way, he addresses a number of the key identity traps Christians grapple with, including: body piercing, tattoos, dress, male effeminacy, the popular athletic culture, and much more. His basic point is this: As children of God, we should identify with Him and be distinctive. We should seek to be about our Father’s business, not the business of the world."

My Thoughts:

I listened to this while doing some housework or sewing in the living room. Doug's sermons are inspiring, encouraging and outstanding. Identity Theft is another incredible message we, as Godly Mothers, need to hear. 
The culture is constantly changing. We need to be aware of what may be calling our children's hearts and minds away from us.  Doug offers suggestions, practical examples, and Biblical references. He also provides warnings about dangerous, but subtle, current events which are happening right now.

Some ideas I gleaned from this:

1. My home should be a godly culture. A culture is an environment and a way of life. It should not be a worldly place. As a mother, I have a tremendous responsibility to make this happen. This relates to the decorations, material possessions, daily activities, etc. When my children walk into this house, they need to feel a sense of peace, joy, and a craving and love for holiness.

2. I must be diligent in my daily actions to help minister to my family in a godly way.

This sermon is spiritual nourishment that lasts for a good 2 hours. I have every intention of listening to this repeatedly.

*Disclosure - Vision Forum provided me with this product for review purposes.*

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