Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Front Porch Visit - Focusing on Home

Southern Grace

Come on over and join me on the front porch for our Monday visit! 

I have been away from home all weekend. Amy (15), who is a full-time dance student,  had 9 hours of rehearsals on one day, and then yesterday, we were at the school for 9 hours while she performed in the show. She was in 7 dances and did 2 shows (14 dances). It was precious to see her work so hard. One of the numbers was classical ballet - she did "The Russian Ballet." It was elegant. Another dance was tap, which was called "Riverdance." She did a fabulous job. She was smiling and entertaining and just a delight to watch. We are all exhausted and need to get back to regular life. (smiles)

Today, I need to just focus on home. I won't be around the computer until, at least, very late tonight. I plan to clean and bake and spend every moment with my family. I want to play cards with John (12) and play clue with all the children. I will make a special breakfast - omelet with cheese, grits, buttermilk biscuits and canteloupe.

I will make a special supper - shepherd's pie.

I will bake chocolate chip cookies.

Today, I will feed my family with home baked goodness.

...And I will clean, and hum, and smile and have not a care in the world.

It will be a focus- on- Home- day.

Hope you have a delightful morning!

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Sounds delightful.

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