Friday, July 16, 2010

Fit Mommy (Week 28)

The following is my check-in for Fit Mommy Friday. It is hosted by Denise. This is a way for many of us to encourage one another, to share our progress and to meet our own fitness goals. When you visit our blogs and read about our week, would you take a minute to share an encouraging comment?

Here's my week:

Late evening - did a whopping 10 minute workout and then gave up.

Afternoon - danced with 2 of my daughters to some fun 60's music.

Morning - 30 minute workout, while listening to gospel music.



Morning - 15 minutes of target toning with light weights, while listening to gospel music. I loved this workout. I really missed my exercises. I think I am back on track.

Nutritional Failure- Soda everyday and went back to my horrid M & M candy habit. I realize this is why I have no energy! This morning I decided to quit again!

Fitness Goal: To have strength and endurance. I do not have any weight to lose, but need to keep my energy levels high and avoid eating too much sugary, junk food.

Are you working on being a Fit Mommy? We'd love to have you join us!

Mrs. White

One of my favorite books about the Amish - The Choice 

I love a pretty, old fashioned House Dress.

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The Hillbilly Wife said...

I am attempting a new routine. I have a chocolate problem. sigh.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Good teachings on sugar and chocolate at He goes into the history and chemistry of each. I read a book years ago on the Amish- Rosanna of the Amish. It was written by her son. He then wrote the sequel-Rosanna's Boys. -Taryn

Briana said...

Looks like you had a good week! I notice that I crave junk if I'm not eating enough good food. I'm sure you know that. I have a dark chocolate habit which I have convinced myself is healthy. It would be better if I went back to making my own chocolate.

I'm so glad you are feeling better and healing from your injuries!

~ Denise ~ said...

Almost seems like an oxymoron to write something like, "I miss my workouts" doesn't it? (grins) But I understand completely. Good luck with your M&M ban! I have very hard time staying away from chocolate, as you well know. ;-)

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