Saturday, July 31, 2010

Homemaking with Frank Sinatra

Young at Heart

I am listening to classic old music while I clean my kitchen, and stare dreamily out the window. Did you ever see the Movie "Young at Heart" staring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra?  This adorable 1954 movie was a remake of the classic "Four Daughters" starring John Garfield.

I love watching about home-life in those old movies. Frank's character was a guest in the home of a family of talented musicians. It made me wish we had a large piano in the parlor for our visitors to entertain us!

I have always loved Doris Day. She is such a cheerful, smiling presence in every movie! 

Right now, I am getting ready to bake banana muffins while listening to Frank Sinatra serenade me. (smiles)

I love to create just the right ambiance of the Good Old Days at home!

Mrs. White

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Joanna said...

I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra. My grandfather worked on the set of Dean Martin's show, and my mom knew all of the guys when she was a little girl. I even have a deck of cards from the Sands Casino. It was truly a glamorous time.

Mrs. White said...

Joanna, that sounds fascinating! I wonder what kinds of memories your mother has, and what you remember, from your childhood, hearing the stories. If you decide to write about it on your blog, come back here and leave your link. I am sure many people would be interested in reading more!

Diane said...

Always love the movie Young at Heart. Haven't thought about it in many year. Old movies were always playing in my parents home and still are. Just a few days ago TCM had an all day event of Doris Day movies. I actually sat down and watched one with my dad with Ronald Reagan. I also long for the olden days and ways.

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