Friday, July 2, 2010

Retro Red Toaster and Other Kitchen Items

Last month, I received some lovely items for my kitchen. I was given a gift certificate for $60 towards any purchase through CSN Stores. Would you like to see what I got? 

1. A Retro-Red Toaster -

Aroma 2-Slice Cool Touch Toaster in Red - ATS-272R
SKU #: ARO1100

It goes so well with my sage counters and cabinets. I also have pretty country curtains with a hint of burgundy, so this toaster looks grand in my kitchen.

I had such fun using this. I know that sounds silly, but I haven't owned a toaster in many years. We have been using a toaster-oven instead. I forgot all about the joy of toast popping when it is finished! (smiles). I forgot how perfectly toasted the bread becomes, when compared to a toaster oven. I love this!

2. Farberware Bread Pans-
Farberware Nonstick Carbon Steel 9" x 5" Loaf Pan -

I recevied 2 of these high quality pans. Farberware is an excellent brand name and these pans work very well for baking homemade bread.

3. Citrus Peeler - 
Progressive International Citrus Peeler -

When I was growing up, Mother always had one of these tools for peeling oranges. I am delighted to have one of my own.

4. A Pretty Red-Handle Kitchen Knife -
Victorinox Swiss Army 3.25" Paring Knife in Red -

This is an impressive little knife to use in the kitchen. I use it for slicing bread dough, pizza dough and pasta dough. It is also great for peeling potatoes!

5. A Darling Red Bread Box -
Polder Deluxe Solid Color Bread Box -

I have always wanted a bread box. This one will be my first. I chose the color Red.  It is currently on back order, but I can't wait for it to arrive. Isn't it adorable?

Have you visited CSN stores lately? They have so many neat products to choose from. What would you buy if you could spend $60?

    *Disclosure - CSN provided me with a gift certificate for $60 for review purposes.*

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Heidi said...

Wow - you got some great stuff. I used all of my $60 on one item, which I shall blog about soon. :)

TerriG said...

That toaster is so cute. Now to pray that my black one croaks, hehe.

Michelle said...

I would definitely choose the red toaster to match the red blender that I am hoping to get in the near future!

We have green counters too and red is my favorite color(burgundy red) but there is something nice about red appliances. It adds an extra cheery element to the kitchen!

joyce said...

What a nice assortment of kitchen items! You must have had such fun ordering your goodies and then receiving them. I always like to get items in the mail or by UPS.

I looked at a few things in the CSN stores and was pleased to note they have free shipping on many selections. Good deals, too.

Enjoy your new things.

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