Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon Plans in Vermont

Red Music Room

I have been distracted all morning with a myriad of tasks I needed to do. I still have a few more items on my to-do list, then I will rest and start purposely making a home.

I have 2 phone calls to make, one form to fill out, and then I am finished for the day. Here is what I want to do:

1. Do a load of laundry (yes, I actually want to do that!)

2. Tidy up my living room and make it look as pretty as the above picture. (I can dream, right?)

3. Drink tea on the front porch, while reading a book and watching the children play.

4. Make a batch of apple cinnamon muffins. (Would you like one?)

5. Spend the evening hand-sewing in my favorite chair while chatting with my family.

What are you doing this afternoon? Do you find it stressful to get the difficult tasks over with, before you can enjoy your homemaking?

Mrs. White

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Kelly said...

I will take one of those muffins, please. They sound delicious! It has been so hot here that I have looked at my oven as if it were a horrid beast!

I will join you while you sew, but I will be spinning some wool. Time to get ready for cooler weather. I know it is coming one day!

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