Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodwrench Tire Safety and Giveaway

Tire Safety is important. I have some helpful information from Goodwrench and then a fun giveaway. Please read the tips below and then stay tuned for the giveaway at the end:


- According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA,) 660 fatalities and 33,000 injuries occur every year due to tire-related problems.

- Keeping your family vehicle’s tires inflated to the recommended pounds per square inch (psi) will not only save on gas, but will provide a safer ride.

- It’s important to keep in mind that during the warm weather of summer, hot road surfaces can cause the pressure to increase in a tire. As a general rule, for every 10-degree rise in temperature, a tire’s pressure increases one psi.

- Invest in a quality tire gauge! Eyeballing tires to measure pressure can be misleading, as radial tires often look fine even if they are under-inflated.

-And by the way, be sure to rotate your tires on schedule. Since each tire performs different tasks (such as steering or front versus rear wheel drive), tires wear at different rates, and you’ll get more life out of the tires you bought this way.

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Now for the giveaway  . . .  How would you like to win an Official Goodwrench Baseball Cap and a Tire Tread Card that the technicians use? All you have to do is tell me which tip (from the above list) is most helpful.

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One random winner we be selected on Tuesday, August 31, 2010. (U.S.  Entries only.) If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include an email address  for me to contact you. This product will ship directly from the company.

This contest is closed. The winner is - busymomof10! Thanks so much to all who entered!

 *Disclosure -  Information and Giveaway items were provided by the Goodwrench Company.*

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busymomof10 said...

I thought your tip about the importance of proper tire inflation was interesting and helpful. The really interesting thing is I just got back from the tire store! My husband wanted me to take the van over and have them check and see if it needed new tires. He knew we were getting close and with all the heavy summer storms we've been having, he wanted to know that our tries had plenty of tread and would not hydroplane. I am so blessed to have a hubby who cares about our safety! As he says, there is a lot of precious cargo riding on those tires! :)

Lady Graceful said...

I'm a blowout survivor and this is so important~sign me up, thank you!

Kathy said...

I think the most important is what is most relevant to me. I was shocked to learn yout tire pressure goes up with the temperature. Living in south Georgia means very warm temps in the summer and I had no idea this was true. Very important!

Kathy said...

I'm already a follower.

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