Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Front Porch Visit - Family Heritage

Southern Grace

Come on over and join me on the front porch for our Monday visit! 

Nicole is home visiting us for a few days. She is 21 years old and has a job. (smiles). She loves to spoil everyone. She often brings presents or buys snacks. She called me on her way over and said, "Mom, what do you want me to bring?" I made a list. I planned to make homemade pizza. I told her to bring several bags of mozzarella cheese, a couple of cans of sauce and one bag of flour.

I was so proud of her when she bought the exact brands I always use!  She also had treats and snacks. There is nothing like having grown children who have jobs. (smiles)

Rachel, my oldest at 22, has offered to do the most wonderful thing!  She is going to pay Amy's (15)  tuition for classical ballet .  Last December,  Amy had to drop out of class because of a financial setback in our family.  We are so grateful Rachel is going to take care of this. Again, I love having grown children with jobs! (smiles)

This is our whole philosophy for having a family. We all help heach other. I remember a few years ago when Matthew (now 17) was working at a restaurant. At that time Nicole was out of work and between college semesters. She was having a rough time. Matt gave her money every week and paid some of her bills. I am so proud of him!

When each one contributes to the needs of the others, it creates a lifetime of loyalty, respect and tremendous love and gratitude.

This has to do with our strong Italian heritage. I grew up living with my parents and grandparents. Now my own parents live with us. I am delighted and thrilled and honored! I expect to, one day, live with my own children. Family is everything!

We need to create a culture of beauty and grace and family unity in our homes. It takes effort and patience, but it is worth all the struggles!

Just a few minutes ago, I made homemade pizza for all the children. Then I sat down for a break. Classical music has been playing softly in the background for the last hour. Matthew came through the kitchen, heard the music, looked at me and said, "Is that Beethoven?"  (smiles)

It is raining and my front porch is getting wet. I have clothes on the line that are now soaked.  There is a lot of noise here and many people. It is after 4 in the afternoon and I am tired. I am going to rest. . . and read. . . and listen to the chatter (and occasional arguments) of my children. It will be a wonderful night!

Mrs. White

A Sweet picture of home to encourage you in, A Mother's Legacy.

Someday, I want to create a dance studio in our home for Amy.

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Dee said...

Oh this is so true! I am latina and feel the same way about family ties! For me, there is never a time that children have to leave, they leave when they are ready or when God says so.

I too love when they have jobs. Tomorrow Baby Girl is treating her mom and sister to girl's night out at the movies, and buying treats. She has a job! yay!

It's also so beautiful when we see our children doing for each other, something you don't see in society anymore since they are fed that me-first mentality and take it into their adulthood. I've seen it, and it is ugly.

Praise the Lord for children who have been taught how to love, because of His great love first, and then because of good mamas that follow his leading! ;)

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings!

I would love your homemade pizza recipe.

You could email me at
rebel 4jesus 25 (join)

If not you could post it on my bloggy, and then I'll delete it (since it comes to my email first) after I get the recipe. Only if it's okay to share it, not if it's a special family recipe. ;)

Dee :)

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Dee! You have a wonderful family!

I emailed you the link to my pizza recipe.

It can also be found here:

Dee said...

Thank you so much for the recipe! I'm going to try and get all the ingredients for this weekend. We have never ever made homemade pizza and with the money we spent on pizza, we really should learn how to make it at home. :)


Mrs. White said...

You are very welcome!!

Hope it turns out well!

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