Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Homemaker's Mentor - Free Sample

Product - The Homemaker's Mentor

Created by - Marmee Dear - Mrs. Martha Greene

Through lessons, printable menu plans, and much more, you will be encouraged and inspired in your role as homemaker.  You will learn the art of homemaking from a mentor. 

Each Lesson offers an average of 8 - 11 pages and contains four sections:

1. Marvelous Menus

This is a meal suggestion with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make everything from the salad presented, to the main course and even the beverage offered. This is very homey, and a good education in meal preparation.

2. Just Say Cheese

Recipe and Notes to help improve your cooking skills. There is also an article from Martha where she writes from her heart to encourage you. I love her support of other homemakers. This is a lovely section!!

3. Scraps 'n Snips  (Stitching Lesson)

This contains an introduction letter, helpful tips, supply list, a template pattern, detailed instructions, and a photograph of a completed project. This section is very well done. I am impressed!

4. Learn from Bettina, 1917 (Short Fiction)

An adorable story about Bettina, who is a capable homekeeper. It includes her menu and recipes from the story.   This is the sweetest, most charming thing I've ever read!

* You can print out your lessons and place them in your homemaking binder.*

Would you like to become a member of The Homemaker's Mentor? You'll receive 12 (monthly) lessons a year. You will also have access to a "members-only" forum. A Monthly Membership is $3.79. Other membership offers are also available.  *

You can choose to purchase a print edition of The Homemaker's Mentor. It looks like a magazine and would make a wonderful keepsake!  Here is just one of the many which are available:

The Homemaker's Mentor - Print Issue (#3) for $14.95 *
"80 full color pages jam packed with homemaking inspiration and lessons."

Please take a moment to download your very own  FREE LESSON SAMPLER of The Homemaker's Mentor.

Mrs. Green (the creator of this program) is the mother of 11 children, grandmother to 6 and the wife of Roger for 32 years. Her godly wisdom and lessons on homemaking are invaluable. You will be blessed by any of her resources. The Homemaker's Mentor is a wonderful product which will help and encourage you! Whether you are struggling with the home arts, or are a seasoned veteran, you will find wonderful ideas to continue in your calling at home.

(* Edited update - Aug. 2016 - These items (and the website) are no longer available.*)

*Disclosure - I received this product from the publisher for review purposes.*

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