Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mother is Home

The Old Homestead

Early last week, I went away on a trip. I wasn't sure it was going to happen until the very last minute. I quickly wrote a post here on Tuesday and planned to be back in time to write again on Friday morning. But there were delays.  I finally made it home late Friday afternoon after an exhausting day that began at 3 a.m. I was too tired to write  here or give you an update.  I am now receiving emails from readers who are worried about me. I am so grateful for your concern! Thank you for your faithful visits, comments and emails!

Shall I tell you where I've been? I plan to write all about it tomorrow morning. But I will tell you that the traveling was very rough. I went alone, without my family. I've never gone anywhere alone, so it was difficult. But I did the normal preparations. I went food shopping and made sure my husband and children had plenty to eat. I even told Amy (15) to make a cake, as a treat, for everyone while I was gone.

Each of the three nights I was away, I called and talked to the children. We all missed each other very much. I was so excited to head back home on Thursday evening. I sat in a Boston Airport and waited. My flight was delayed. Then it was delayed again. This meant I would miss my connecting flight from New York City to Burlington Vermont. I had to stay in Massachusetts until the next morning, when a new flight was available. I called a relative and she let me stay with her. I took a bus into a Braintree bus station at 7:30 at night. Then I stayed at her house until 3 a.m when I headed back to the Airport. I waited for hours and finally got on board a plane, heading to Pennsylvania, at 6:30 a.m.  I walked all over the place, carrying heavy luggage. Where did I get the strength? It must have been the Fit Mommy Fitness Program I have been doing all year!

US Airways Plane. I was on four different planes during this trip. The one pictured above was the first.

The Airport in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I caught a plane to Burlington from here.
The Trip -

Tuesday afternoon - Went to Burlington Vermont (2 hour drive).

Early Wednesday Morning - Took a plane to New York City and then a connecting flight to Boston.

Thursday Night - Tried to catch a plane to New York City, with a connecting flight back to Burlington. Ending up staying with a relative instead.

Friday Morning - Took a flight from Boston to Philadelphia, then a connecting flight to Burlington.

Friday Afternoon - 2 hour drive from Burlington, back home.

Friday -
By the time I got on another plane, heading to Burlington, my arms were shaking. But I knew I was getting stronger! (smiles) I dozed here and there, when I could. Finally, after getting a 2 hour ride (from Nana and Grandpa) from the airport back home, I had to wake up and get to work!

I was delighted to be back home again, but there was much to do! For some reason, my family has not learned the art of stretching meals. So they had been out of any "good food" for a day or so. I quickly cleaned up, did some laundry and went grocery shopping. My husband started our wood stove. I bought a Mrs. Smith's frozen apple pie and some ice cream. After I put away the groceries, I put that pie in the oven and enjoyed the delightful scent of a happy home while it baked!

Soon the house was back in order and everyone was happy.  Mother was home again!

Tomorrow, I will tell you all the great stuff about my trip, and why I went away. Then I will get back to my regular posts.

Thank you so much for visiting!

Mrs. White

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm glad you're back. It sounds like it was long, and tiring. Now I'm intrigued to read all about it.

maria said...

When mother is out of the house...either for a long time or short, whatever it may be, it seems that that the house tends to be a bit chaotic when you return.

I am glad that you are back safe and sound. A bit hard and tiring, yes. But now, you are in the comfort of your lovely home surrounded by your family and the wonderful scent of apple pie :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back! Ican't wait to hear about your trip.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear you are safe and well.You were missed! Your trip sounds exhausting. Can't wait to hear the details. Welcome Home!!!

purple squirrel said...

OH, Mrs. White! I would be exhausted too!
Boston is actually easier to get to by car (or bus if your circumstances preclude driving) from just about anywhere in New England... I promise, a visit down here for the MAssHOPE convention wouldn't be nearly as bothersome! :)

Homequeen said...

I am glad to see you back safe and sound! I hope you had a great trip, and would love to hear all about it.
God bless.

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