Saturday, December 18, 2010

These Things Will Comfort My Children

One day I will pass on to the next life. Now, hold your chin up and have courage. It will happen. It is part of life. But I will leave some things behind. And these things will comfort my children.

My Bible 

Mrs. White's Bible. This was given to me by my parents when I was a young teen. I have loved and read it ever since.

Mrs. White's Open Bible - Do you see the marked passages? Can you see the tear stains?

My Hymnbook

Mrs. White's Hymnbook. This is kept right with my Bible. I love to read and sing from it.

My Well- Worn copy of Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

Mrs. White's favorite book. I've read this over and over for many years.

My Collection of Sermons and Old -time Gospel Music

Sample collection of Sermons (Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. John R. Rice and Dr. John Hamblin) and Gospel Music by classic artists such as JD Sumner and the LeFevres

I can imagine my children drawn to the things their Mother was often seen with. They will lovingly read my Bible and look through my Hymnbook. They will read my favorite book and listen to my favorite sermons and songs. They will look at the church and want to sit in the same pew I sat. They will read and listen and they will be drawn to a holy life.

All this will comfort my children - both the wayward and the faithful.

Mrs. White

A Witness - Recording the Family Bible Study

For Those with Wayward Children - a Precious song - Hello Mama 

Clean your house in just 2 Hours a Day.

                        The Prentiss Study - Free for you, from Mrs. White

Homeschooling - Books - Oxford - Reading Lists - and Swagbucks

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Lisa Grace said...

When my friend's grandmother passed away, she and I went to Grandma's home (she was very much like my family, too, and I was included in this). We began to sort through her things and at one point, I just couldn't because I was so overcome with emotion. So I curled up in Grandma's chair and pulled her Bible onto my lap to read a favorite psalm. I was a Christian, but at that point her other 2 grandchildren really weren't. Inside the Bible was a note for each of them, and several verses highlighted just for them to read. It was the most precious gift she could have left them, and literally shaped their eternity!

mommyx12 said...

What a great legacy. As mothers we are building and sometimes not even aware of it!! Great post.

Taryn said...

On a page in the front of my KJV Bible I wrote Jeremiah 15:16-"...thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart." Someday I want to frame that Scripture.

Rebecc said...

A few years ago, when a friend of mine's grandmother passed away, my friend found a copy of 'Stepping Heavenward' by Mrs. Prentiss among her grandmother's things, and, feeling impressed upon by the Lord, she mailed it to me...and it's been on my bookshelf ever since. Often I've pulled it out and gently fingered it's pages...wondering what it was about, but never had that 'it's time to read it' feeling...until now. Now I KNOW that it is, indeed, time to read it and it is now on the top of my 'to read next' list. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sight. I've spent some time going through it's beautiful pages this morning and it is already such a blessing to me. I'll be back again and again. God richly bless you, Mrs. White! And thank you!

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