Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday Best

Dressed in Sunday Best, Father and Children Ride in Buggy to Church

Sunday used to be a family day. Almost everyone went to church. I remember, as a child, we would all dress up in our best clothes, grab our Bibles and head off to church together. I loved Sundays. We belonged to an amazing church and we had so much fun there. We were also greatly blessed by the sermon, and fellowship with good people.

The church is the center of the community. This is where mission trips, visitation to nursing homes, work projects and much more is planned and directed. We join together and work for the Lord.

After church, we would head home for a delicious lunch, and rest for the afternoon. Then we would go back for the evening service. We all loved our family day.

On Sunday morning, do you hear the local church bells? Do you get all excited to head to church? What are your childhood memories of Sunday?

Courtney, at Women Living Well, has a charming post at her blog about Sundays in the 1950's. If you have time, head over there and read it. I loved it!

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katiesniche said...

Your childhood Sunday memories are very much like mine. I loved it. Now, we try to do it much like my parents did. Life today is so fast, we use Sundays for family...and no work. We don't shop, do household work (except dinner etc) etc. It's a day for family. So, church, dinner...etc. Much like it was back then.

busymomof10 said...

I loved this post! It is too bad what you describe is from "the old days!" It would do our families, our communities, and our entire country well if life was still like that today!!

And the part about dressing up in Sunday best -- I really think we miss something these days of "come as you are" church!! Even in the OT you read about the Israelites changing their clothes and sanctifying themselves and preparing to meet with the Lord. I think we have lost a lot of our reverence for God in these days and the idea of going to church in your blue jeans or your shorts or whatever seems to perpetuate that grave error, IMO. I'm thinking I should blog about this one day -- when I'm feeling Brave! :)

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