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The Christian Home is a weekly online publication founded here on The Legacy of Home. It will be posted every Monday. It is set up like a magazine and focuses on home life. There are 13 columns.  They are as follows:

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1. Design and Decorate

Organizing the Home. . . Designing rooms. . . Home (or room) make-overs. . . How-to. . . Creative decorating ideas. . . Share your latest craft project. . . How to find treasures for the home (department stores, thrift stores, etc.). . Share your latest decorative find or shopping trip.

2. Finances

Saving money. . . Thrifty grocery shopping. . . debt-free living. . .frugal ideas.

3. Gardening and Flowers

Your garden plans. . . How-to. . . Landscaping with flowers and gardens. .. Harvesting and Preserving.. . Storing the Harvest.

4. Home Business

History of Home businesses (farms, blacksmiths, doctors, tailors, etc and how the family helped each other). . .Daily home life while running a business. . . How to start or run a business from home. . . Business ideas for the whole family. . . Family owned business spotlight (not a commercial, just a featured family.)

5. Modest Fashion

History spotlight on Fashion (different eras of costume or clothing). . .Fashion ideas. . . Sewing (How - to and share your latest project). . . Shopping for Modest Clothes. . . Outfit of the day.

6. Hospitality

Cooking, baking, recipes. . . Dinner parties. . . Hosting a "Tea". . . Picnics. . . Church potluck. . . Birthday and Holiday ideas. . . Preparing for house guests. . . Entertaining at Home. . . The Family supper menu and plan.

7.  Homekeeping

Cleaning. . . Laundry. . . Ironing. . .Mending. . .Schedules. . . Chore Plans. . . How- to. . Before and After features.

8.  Parenting 

Baby and Child Care. . .Raising Teenagers. . . Making memories. . . Motherhood. . . Fatherhood.

9.  Movies and Music

Positive Reviews of Family-friendly movies and music. . . . Classics. . . Retro. . .New Releases. . . Feature an appropriate movie or music and tell us how your family enjoyed it.

10.  The Godly Home

Heroes and Heroines of the Faith in History. . . Church. . . Ministry work. . . Family Worship. . .  Devotion. . . . . Inspiration for Christian Homes.

11. Young Adults

Articles. . .Essays. . . Ideas. . . Daily life at home. . . Your projects and plans. . . Home Responsibilities. I would like to see these posts from teens and young adults who have their own blog.

12. Gentle Humor

Christian Cartoonists. . . Funny experiences. . . - Make us Smile - .

13. Health and Fitness Check -in

Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate  hosts a weekly fitness check in for those who are trying to stay healthy!

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Our featured columnists include:

Deanna from Home Haven Ministry (Design and Decorate);
Mrs. White from The Legacy of Home (Finances);
Briana from  I Can't Decide (Gardening and Flowers);
The Crazy Mom from Ramblings from the Crazy House (Parenting);
Kathy Brodock from  Teaching Good Things (Home Business);
Caroline Allen from The Modest Mom (Modest Fashion);
Heather from Marine Corps Nomads (Hospitality);
Karri from My Life's a Treasure (Homekeeping);
Laura O in AK from Day By Day in Our World (Movies and Music);
Mrs. Sarah Coller from Hope in Every Season (The Godly Home);
Lisa from The Army Chaps Wife (Gentle Humor).

* Featured Columnists have agreed to write consistently for us, on a regular basis and will be linked here.*

We have openings for Featured Columnists in these categories:

- Homekeeping

- Young Adults

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Blog Writers Wanted! Choose any category from the list above and send us your work.

Rules - Please submit posts from your own blog; Your submissions must be appropriate;  Please submit something new and recent.

Once your post is published in the current edition, please link back to it from your own blog.  (The link will be sent to you via email once it goes live.)   Thank you so much for your participation!

Submit to:  Mrs. White at puritanlight (at) gmail (dot) com 

If your post is chosen for publication, you will be notified via e-mail, once the edition is published (within one week).

- The Christian Home will be published every Monday. It is hosted at Day by Day in our World. -



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caroline Cleaver said...

I just wanted to let you know that I made a post on MY blog and linked your blog in my post! I posted about the home finances monthly post you made. I am trying it for myself! Take a look! - Caroline

Mrs. Q said...

How fun, Mrs. White! I'm sure it will be great!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

All linked up!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

Hello Mrs. White,

I've written an article called Forty Ways to Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without.

I noticed that you wanted articles that were as close to the Sunday deadline as possible. Shall I wait until later in the week to post and submit my article for consideration?

Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

Laura Lane
lane dot family at yahoo dot com

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