Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Light for the Kitchen idea

I've mentioned before about how my kitchen light is broken. It really needs to be replaced. Usually Grandpa does all our wiring and remodeling projects. He does a great job! Last year, he found some vintage looking lamp-lights to install in our bathroom. They bring a touch of elegance and didn't cost very much.

I love the idea of Pendant Lighting in the kitchen. How pretty would that be?  We currently have a fluorescent bulb which is an eyesore. I know I should just leave well enough alone, but hopefully sometime this coming spring or summer, we will find a way to replace it with something more elegant yet economical.

What kind of lighting to you have in your kitchen?

Mrs. White


Anita said...

We have track lights on the celing along the galley part of the kitchen and then a ceiling fan with lights where a table should be. I would like to have some under the cabinet lights mounted as well. I have a small window that is really not sufficient for natural light.

JennyM said...

Hi, I put up with an ugly light fixture for many years, but eventually, we replaced it with a large tiffany shade that hangs over our kitchen table. It holds 3 lightbulbs inside the shade, making it quite bright but diffusing the light nicely. We also have little lights in the ceiling that my husband installed over the stove area and over the kitchen. I hope you get a light that you enjoy soon. Thanks so much for your blog!

JennyM said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "over the kitchen sink".

Summer said...

HELLO TO ALL !! Well lets ee over our table there is a kinda sorta pendant light with 5 holders and above that there is a ceiling fan ....an unusual little piece but its pretty non the less however i wish it gave off more light ...... above the island there is a very old styly tiffany which i would like to replace (its not that i am not grateful however once again i need more light and this fixture is quite dim at least for a kitchen work space ) ..... i also have some older style track lighting which is very practical and provides good light when i have them turned on .....i do have a great window in our kitchen which provides lots of morning sunshine ( when we see the sun ) so all in all i am pleased .....hope you all have a blessed day ....i could say that i need prayer for the task at hand is doing the taxes before we go away on friday .....thank you much !

Lisa Grace said...

I bought an adorable vintage chandelier off of ebay that was "broken" ... all it took to fix it was a $4 lamp kit from Lowe's and about 30 minutes of time. I LOVE it!!! On the cooking side of my kitchen is a light that hugs the ceiling, but is very bright. It's a 1950s style to go with the hanging light over the dining table and the hoosier cabinet that creates storage and counter space for us.

Dimple said...

We live in a 28 year old mobile, and still have the original lighting in the kitchen: functional, but not exciting. I have put natural light compact fluorescents instead of regular incandescent bulbs, but that is the only change.

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