Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go Go SqueeZ portable Snack

Product - Go Go SqueeZ "The Fun Applesauce with an active attitude."

Description - All Natural applesauce, in a no-mess, pouch container.

When juice boxes were first invented, I was delighted. I was able to pack a few for my children on long car trips, and the children thought they were fun!

Go Go SqueeZ is a wonderful invention! They are pouches, much like juice boxes, that contain all natural applesauce. There is a built in mouth piece (like a straw), and the child can squeeze the contents to bring it to the top.

We received 3 flavors to test out; Apple Peach, Apple Banana, and Apple - Apple.  I thought they were delicious and, even though they were stored in my kitchen cabinet, I found them to be cool to the taste and quite refreshing!

These are certified Kosher, gluten-free and dairy-free. They contain 100% fruit!

The company has partnered with TerraCycle, Inc. and is committed to helping us upcycle and recycle!

Have you tried Go Go SqueeZ? You can find them at places like Walmart, Target, and Costco. 

*Disclosure - I received this product for review purposes.*

To find out more about my commercial breaks, please see my disclosure page.

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April's Homemaking said...

I saw these in the store as well, I put them in the kids Easter baskets. I have older kids- and they thought they were fun. Very cool new product.

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