Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Pleasant Morning at Home

Al Fresco Afternoon

I have such great plans for staying home today! I will bake brownies and plan a special supper.  I want to finish most of my work early so I can catch up on some reading. I hope to spend the afternoon outside.

Yesterday was delightful. I visited with Nana (who lives downstairs in our large old 1800's house). Then I took a long walk with Amy (16). She wanted to walk and walk and walk. I worried I would wear out, but didn't complain. I was happy she wanted to spend time with me! We laughed and talked and had a nice time, despite the massive heat.

We also took a detour and visited the local, rural museum. We were shown a 1908 "record player." It had a crank that had to be wound up before the music would play. We heard a song about "Lucky Lindbergh." It was quaint and charming! Before we left, we were asked to sign the guest book.  We will visit there again. They are only open for a few hours, once a week, throughout the summer months.

Today, will be even more special. I plan to do my work quickly and early. I want to have plenty of leisure to visit with the family and be in a hospitable and relaxed mood.

It is still very quiet here, but the sun has risen. I want to do my Prentiss study before anyone wakes up. I want to have some tea and sit near the window and enjoy the fresh morning breezes.

Mrs. White

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Jo said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. It's the simple things in life that are often the most special and precious.

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