Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Chores are as Fun as Shopping

Comic Cartoon - Woman in Poor Health Gets Better When She has Money to Shop

Our Mall is so big, I don't think I've made it to every single store. I have my favorites (or the basics, as I call them), like J. C. Penney and Payless Shoes. But I certainly don't need to visit every store.

No one (except a teenager with nothing to do) has time to linger in a mall. We often rush around, get what we need, then perhaps do a little browsing. It is more fun during the holidays. This is when the decorations and excitement are the strongest. We feel happy and good when we shop at those times, as long as we are careful with our money.

Shopping is sometimes like doing housework. We can rush around cleaning rooms, then get tired and want to leave. (grins) Or we can't seem to make it to all the rooms. So we hit the basics only - like the kitchen and laundry.

Personally, I like the idea of heading into the daily housework like it is a big shopping day. I have a plan and I work for a good 2 hours, with short breaks. I go as fast as I can and make great progress. When the kitchen is clean and the parlour is vacuumed, I move on to making beds and putting away whatever has piled up on chairs and desks.

Of course it is more fun to clean the house when company is coming, or some holiday event is being hosted here at home. At that point, we not only clean, we decorate and bake special treats. There is excitement in the air and this helps bring motivation.

What do you wear when you go to the mall? Some like to dress casually. Others dress up. This can be carried over into the daily housework. I prefer dressing up for housework (and shopping). (I am not the casual type).  If I put my hair up, wear an apron, and a pretty necklace, I am more professional in my homekeeping.   If I dress up to go shopping, I tend to be more precise and careful in my spending. I also enjoy the experience more.

The only problem I have today is wondering when the mall opens. Don't you hate that? You are all ready to shop, but the stores are closed? Well, in this case, everyone is asleep and I want to clean like crazy. I will just have to wait. . .

Mrs. White

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Rachel said...

Chores as fun as shopping?!?! What a great attitude!

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