Friday, May 18, 2012

Spiritual Homemaking

Sand Verbena and Dune Primrose Wildflowers at Sunset, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California

I read somewhere, that long ago, a group of peasants would meet together for morning worship before they started their day's labor. The joy from that meeting filled their hearts and minds with holiness and it stayed with them while they worked.  It has been reported that the sound of their hymn singing echoed through the fields. Then at the noon hour when they dined on their humble food, they eagerly sought the comforting words from the Bible and the warmth from their joint prayers. They were again able to go back to work with that same joy.  In the evening, after the work was completed, their worship time refreshed them on their path in this life, and kept them going with pleasant thoughts of Heaven and doing God's work.  They knew where the source of life came from.

Yesterday I read from the journal of John Wesley (1700's). He wrote how he spent his days, while on a ship with fellow laborers during a week's time. They rose at 4 am for private prayer, had public prayer and did all manner of religious duties throughout the day. The private prayer time included Bible reading, praying and learning.  He also encouraged passengers and taught those, who were eager to learn, of God's way.

How can I not be ashamed when I compare my own life with those who have gone on before me?

I am caught up in the distractions of a modern world, and listening to the lies of a culture. It is a constant, daily battle to even attempt to do as Wesley and the Peasants did!

In our homemaking, we can find an efficient way to keep house and be good mothers while we spend our time in spiritual endeavors.

- We can listen to sermons (on the computer, CD or DVD) while we dust and sweep and wash.

- We can sing old time hymns (or listen to them) while we work.

- We can force ourselves (through discipline) to have daily Bible time twice each day (morning and evening, which is the least we can do, and was the custom of Christians for centuries.)

- We can choose to pass aside pop literature of today, or meaningless gossip-type biographies, and choose wholesome, old time books * that will encourage us on our holy way.

Remember that the center and foundation and purpose of our lives, is to glorify God and enjoy him forever (as the catechism says).  This must be our focus, which will pour out with joy to those around us.

The result of this Spiritual Homemaking?  A face that shines (like the veiled Moses on the mount) with radiant holy joy. How can that not impact and inspire those around us?

Mrs. White

* The link goes to a publication by Hedrickson, which is a trusted publisher.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,

This post, as do so many of yours, speaks to me and to my less-than-devoted ways. I'm still praying on cutting out much electronic stimulation, and am feeling more and more convicted to let it all go. To delete my blog, to turn off the computer and the television, and to walk away. There are so many arguments FOR these things, however, and it's difficult to discern which come from God - if any. So many people in my life *only* communicate by email - and they are sure to take it personally when I "unplug." Any thoughts as to what that actually looks like on the other side (after unplugging)? I wonder, too, at the loss of such inspiring things that I do glean from the internet, such as your blog and Karen Andreola's. I wonder, then, does it become more about me monitoring myself - allowing myself specific time to look at the few blogs that inspire and encourage me - and doing away with personal blogging and "surfing." I know you have no answers for me; this is for each of us to determine in our own homes and minds. I just wondered what you thought of it.

Thank you, again, for giving me something to ponder as I take time this morning to step away from myself and step closer to the Lord's path.

Have a lovely day,
Mrs. Skutt

Emily Fay said...

Thank you for this! I am inspired and uplifted! :) Have a beautiful weekend ~

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