Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creating a Pious Home

Vermont's Colonial Times

Mother has such a great responsibility on her shoulders. She is the conductor, of the atmosphere, of home life. She can have a worldly home or a pious home.

It all starts with eliminating distractions. What pulls her away from her job at home? And, further, what is making her too tired to complete this mission?

May we first start with her endurance?

When rising, she should exercise.   It is important to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. But this exercise must be the kind that causes sweating.  This will take away the sluggishness and tiredness because it helps remove toxins from the body.

She should not be dependent on processed foods or highly refined, sugary foods. They may be okay for occasional use, but must not be the foundation of her diet.  These will distract her mind, almost keep her at the mercy of food - induced mood swings and extreme tiredness.  She should strive to eat whole, natural foods.  These need not cost much. Even oatmeal, apples and brown rice are perfectly sufficient as an example of simple, nutritious foods.

May we move on to creating a pious atmosphere?

Of course she must keep up with her daily household chores. Our labor helps create a strong and noble character.  This is admirable and inspiring, even if no one seems to notice, or appreciate, what we do in the home.

She should discipline herself to limit, or, at times, avoid television, movies, too much computer and the like.   These should be for moments of recreation, but only when the housework and Bible time have been accomplished.

Is her Bible in a visible place? Is it easy to find for daily worship?  We are told that morning and evening devotions are excellent for the soul.   These are to be public (with the family). Then there ought to be a time of private study as well, either at midday, early morning, or late in the evening.

Keep hymn books, Bibles, Religious literature, and CDs of Sermons and good music available for family use.  Perhaps Mother can create a little corner, or section in the home, where these precious things can be kept? 

The most important thing Mother can do, is to daily work on creating and cultivating a Pious Home, but for herself.   Her job is not to force these things on the family, but to act out the love of Piety and slowly let go of the worldly, before her household. It is a daily war.  Her husband and children will see this in her. They will appreciate all the work she does.   If she strives to do this herself, the family will slowly follow and be encouraged by it.

A Pious Home comes from walking a disciplined, difficult path.  This must be a peaceful place. The peace comes from constant forgiveness and mercy to the frail souls of the family.  The Pious Home is not one of perfection.  It is not one without heartache.  But the piety is what draws each to the comfort of the Holy One, who will constantly renew them and sanctify them, drawing them closer and closer to their Eternal Rest.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog and I have to say I absolutely love it! It is truly an inspiration! Thank you so much for writing such elegant and inspirational words of wisdom to homemakers.

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