Monday, June 18, 2012

Families Investing in the United States

US Government Bonds

During rough times in our country, citizens were encouraged to buy US treasury bonds.   In the movie, For Me and My Gal (starring Gene Kelly and Judy Garland), rallies were held, and the people would buy the bonds with pride.

My Grandfather was a laborer and worked hard his entire life. He was Italian and had a tremendous work ethic.  He raised his family near the coast in Massachusetts.  Every payday, he would cash his check at the local supermarket and buy a bond.   Not only was he investing in our country, he was investing, very carefully, to provide an estate for his family. 

When I first got married, I was given a Treasury Bond, which had been bought in my name when I was born.  This was another way to invest in the country, and in the family.

There are many corporations that are employee - owned because of stocks. Those people take great pride in their work and in their companies. I wonder what would happen if a resurgence of investing in America happened.  What would happen if US Citizens started buying bonds again.  What if we started investing in our own country?

There needs to be a revival of investing in our nation.   We need a nation that is in the habit of saving money.  Buying Treasury Bonds is like buying a piece of our country. It is like buying our history and taking possession of it. 

Yet, there is more at stake than just money here. We need to focus on raising our families who take pride in being United States citizens. We need our children to be taught to honor their elders, work hard, help the poor, and to be grateful for currency that says, "In God We Trust." 

Mrs. White

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Tracey said...

I could not agree more! My husband and I are both veterans and come from families of veterans. Taking pride in the USA is first and foremost in our family. We try to buy american made when we can, but your insight to buying savings bonds is Wonderful!! thanks for the encouraging post!!!

Lori Alexander said...

I agree with you also! Our American heritage was to work hard and not expect hand outs. We are commanded to do our work heartily as to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

That would be a bad investment since Saving bonds pay next to nothing in interest. The only way they are going to pay more interest is by a significant increase in inflation . Apparently, the high prices of gas and food are not included in determining inflation rates.

Darlene said...

When our first grandchildren were born,we got them savings bonds.You could buy them at any bank.Now the only way you can buy them is online and there are no paper bonds to give as a gift.I won't buy anymore.

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