Monday, September 16, 2013

Lovely Work at Home

Family Outside in Front Yard of Their Home in Coal Mining Town

It is raining and pleasant this early morning. The lush Vermont landscape is inspiring. It makes one want to shut off all technology and enjoy the pleasant tasks of homemaking.

 I will sweep and polish by lamplight in my old country kitchen.  Our little homeschool will start in just a few minutes.  While my teenage student is working on math, I will do some baking as I listen to the rain falling and the birds singing.

I will do a little laundry and delight in the folding and the sorting. It is lovely to put out fresh towels and do those little touches that make this place a home.

I will set the table for the noon meal and have it ready hours before it is needed.  This will inspire me to take my time and create an atmosphere of a happy kitchen!

Perhaps I will wash the kitchen floor before enjoying an afternoon rest.  I plan to drink hot tea, and read some Amish fiction before getting back to work in the cool of the day. 

Mrs. White

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suzannah said...

sounds like my day:-) I will cook supper for my husband, read some Amish fiction and rest enjoy being pregnant :-)

Deanna said...

Mrs. White,

Blessings to you this refreshing day.

Our Kansas temps are lower with grey skies. I have the window open to let fresh air in. So pleasant. Just as God planned.

Enjoyed stopping by your sweet Vermont HOME.


Freda Jordan said...

You are SUCH an inspiration to me! I am the homeschooling mother of a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Married to my wonderful husband for 6 years. I am 40 years old. I feel so drawn to a simpler way of life, to enjoy the old ways. Your blog gives me a lot of joy. Thank you. -Freda Jordan

Ceil said...

Hi Mrs. White! Your day sounds so lovely. Busy but not frantic, while you think of how to make your home inviting. What an inspiration to me.

The pleasures of homemaking. How beautifully put. And yet so many do not enjoy it all.

Peace to you this Monday,

Suanna said...

Thank you for sharing your plans. It is like a breath of fresh air when I read about the simpleness in your tasks.

Tamara said...

I am encouraged to "listen to the birds" rather than rush through my homemaking thanks to your post. So easy to be stressed and ungrateful and overwhelmed. Thank-you!

Linda said...

It does sound lovely, Mrs. White.
I was vacuuming today when my daughter-in-law came in and she said "you look like you are really enjoying that". I said "I love taking care of my home". I meant it too!

Dicky Bird said...

Sounds lovely.

lexie robinson said...

How sweet. Thank you for sharing your peaceful day.

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi there! I found your site through Deep Roots at Home, and I have to say it's just lovely. Your gracious homemaking attitude is very refreshing. Have a great day. :)

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