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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Cold House on a Winter Day

Lighting the Stove, 1886

I have been reading from the old Little House on the Prairie books. I am amazed by the way they lived in the 1800's. Imagine the house being cold until someone starts a fire in the wood stove.  Modern heat allows  many of us to set a temperature on the dial, to maintain a steady stream of heat throughout the day and night.

In our old colonial house, we have a wood pellet stove. It broke a few nights ago.  Mr. White ordered a replacement part and it should arrive any day. In the meantime, I am thinking about how to keep this home a cozy, inviting place despite the forlorn cold. When we walk in the door from errands, we sense an emptiness.  There is nothing like a warm fire on a winter day, to gladden the heart.  We all miss it.

This morning, it is snowing heavily. I plugged in a portable electric heater to bring us a little warmth. It is in our parlour and should help take off some of the chill.   This 14 room house has multiple sources of heat. On the third floor suite, it is always warm.  On part of the first floor is where my parents live. They have a real old fashioned wood stove that doesn't break. We can visit with them at any time for some hot chocolate, to hear stories, and to enjoy the cozy stove.

But I love being in my own section of the house - my parlour and my kitchen. I love to clean and tidy and cook and bake. I enjoy listening to old gospel music by J. D. Sumner and The Kingsmen Quartet, while I work.  I love to sit in my favorite chair, near the window and enjoy my homemaking breaks.

Right now, I am thinking about Ma Ingalls and how she made her home inviting.  The family often battled cold and found ways to bring happiness.  Perhaps I will get my yarn and do a little crocheting this morning.  I can light a candle on the table to bring the impression of a fire and some warmth. I will also do a little cleaning and bake some brownies.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. All my children will come home. I will gather them around our electric heater and serve hot chocolate. Our stories and laughter will warm up the room and create a pleasant memory, while we wait for that stove part to arrive.

Mrs. White

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wintry Vermont

Silent Winter's Eve

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It is bitterly cold outside today. I had to drive Nicole (20) to work in the late morning. The roads are slippery and the wind is blowing. But it is still very pretty outside!

I had a nice cup of hot chocolate. I am trying to come up with an idea for supper. I will have to go back out in a little bit and stop at the store.

The children have been reading and playing quietly all day. I am starting to feel better and getting my energy back.

Amy (14) has had to drop out of her dance classes (ballet, tap, etc). She is very disappointed. But we are doing everything we can to find a way to replace our lost income so she can get back to school.

This morning, I finished reading "These Happy Golden Years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I want to read the next book in the series and will start on it later. It is so peaceful and calming to read about her memories!

We are in the habit of doing our schoolwork in the afternoons, or early evenings. We will do this later, before the evening meal. It is pleasant to be at home.

Mrs. White

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cheerful at Home

Warm Hearts

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I looked outside my window and noticed it was snowing. I am so excited. I never get tired of the child-like excitement of seeing snow! I realize I live in Vermont and I have been in New England my entire life, but still, it is such a sight to see!

I have been worn out the past few days and in pain, so Amy (14) has been doing all my housework. I just looked in my kitchen and realized I have a lot of catching up to do. "Someone" just doesn't love the kitchen as much as Mama does! (smiles) But I will make it shine!

When I am sick or in pain, if I just get up and do a little bit of housework and try to be active, I get better much more quickly.

I am so excited about this coming day. Call me crazy, but I am going to vacuum and sweep and light candles and just be happy.

The other day, Mr. White was watching TV in our bedroom. When he went outside for a bit, I headed in there and made our bed, opened the shades, polished the bureau and took out the laundry. The room looked so much nicer. When he came in, I was resting comfortably with a book. I noticed him glancing around the room. He didn't say a word, but I knew he was grateful for my presence.

I am reading "These Happy Golden Years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have read the book several times and always enjoy it. But I haven't read it recently. One of my TOS Crew friends mentioned it because it has some great teaching ideas in there, from the 1800's. But the story itself makes one love and appreciate home so much more! I am going to finish reading it today, during my "homemaking breaks."

I am really looking forward to 2010. I plan to buy a new oven and will be able to bake bread and cookies again. I cannot wait! I will also buy a digital camera so I can actually take pictures.

Hope you are having a wonderful day at home!

Mrs. White

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Precious Homemaking

New Day

I have been watching a lot of Little House on the Prairie. The past few episodes (season 5) had the family living in the city. The Ingalls were working in a hotel and restaurant. I noticed the most amazing thing. The dishes they were using were the same ones I have. I was so excited!

These are called "Blue Willow China" and have the name "Churchill of England" on them. I picked mine up at our local supermarket and I just love them. I didn't know a similar dish was used in the 1800's and was just delighted.

There are so many times I will buy a simple, inexpensive item to decorate, or make home more pleasant. If I ever get tired of cleaning, I will buy a nice little item (even something from the dollar store) and come home and set it up. It makes me want to organize and tidy and just enjoy my home even more.

Last year I bought some curtains for my living room. These are sheer burgundy panels. They were on clearance for four dollars each. I bought some material from the fabric store and cut this up to use as tie-backs. The curtains are neatly held back and look simple and lovely. Recently one of my girls received a gift of flowers from a young man. When these just about died, I took the "baby's breath" and arranged them in the corner of each tie- back on my curtains. It is a little thing, but makes it look so much nicer.

My favorite thing to do each morning is just to put on my apron, turn on some soothing music and slowly and methodically enjoy cleaning my house. I love to have a nice cup of tea while I work. I just sip on it throughout the morning.

We have tons of snow outside. It looks so pretty. The children are enjoying it and have made a few snowmen.

Today will be a restful day at home. A day of Precious Homemaking.

Mrs. White
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