Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting Into Homemaking

The last few days have been rough, (with my son being ill), but life is getting back to normal. The best thing for me is to get back into my homemaking. I am going to tidy up my kitchen, prepare a nice supper and just enjoy listening to some good old southern gospel music. It is raining here in Vermont. The landscape is beautiful as the sun hits the dark green grass out front. Our house is quiet. But life stirs inside as we go about our regular routine. All is well.

Here is a quote that I find inspiring:

" Upon three things the world stands:
The Torah (Scripture);
The Worship of God;
The bestowal of Lovingkindness." - Shimon the Righteous

The greatest thing a housewife can do is keep a pleasant disposition and make her home a peaceful and loving place to be, for all who gather there.

Mrs. White


The Machinist's Wife said...

Hello Dear

I have heard the phrase 'getting into homemaking' to bring peace for so long. I am really really experiencing the truth in this NOW. In all of our busy-ness, I cannot tell you how peaceful it is to me to spend the day at home, either washing clothes, tidying up or joy of joys - cleaning up or planting or even weeding in the garden. A lot of women despise housework (large % of homemaking). I love it. It brings a normality back to my life. I don't think the 'old days' were simpler days, as ladies worked far harder than we do now, but I think they had a sense of peace, despite their troubles. I really do. Because they were doing what they were ordained to do. It's in our 'blood', if you will to make a home. When folk don't do what they're supposed to do, they are unhappy. I've seen so much of this unhappiness lately, from the people who live around me. The Machinist says we need to pray for them, and ourselves...

Mrs. White said...

Beautifully written dear Machinist's Wife. So true.
Mrs. White

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