Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home: the Way it should Be

Good Night

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I found this lovely quote on a very precious blog:

"""""I am going to suggest that praising God through serving people is the only reason for domestic art...The American home is being pulled in two non-biblical ways. One is to become a mere refueling stop...The other non-biblical direction home environments have taken is to become shrines of materialism."""""..............Mary Pride, The Way Home

The link to this blog is: A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

This made me think of my grandmother's home. In her day, there were very few possessions.
Simple Furniture.... A very clean Home.... Simple living and the beauty of a calm environment, which had very little to distract one from the very basics of life.

Mrs. White


Laura Lane said...

Inspiring words even years later.
Be blessed dear blog friend! You've impacted my life. Tonight I will make a soup of chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes. It is one of our family's favorites.

May God meet your every need,
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Missouri

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