Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Just Love it Here

This blog is precious to me. I have set up my favorite, spiritually nourishing resources and come here almost daily to enjoy them.

1. My playlist is full of godly music that really touches my heart and makes me almost cry. I just hit the play button and they all play over and over again, while I tidy up my room or do some other work.

2. The "featured sermon" at the bottom of the page is by Dr. John R. Rice and is on the Home. This precious saint (who being dead still speaketh), has such incredible, heart-changing wisdom. His voice is so sincere and conveys the fact that he is a dearly, beloved saint. He certainly is receiving many heavenly rewards for having lived a devoted godly live. Whenever I listen to him, it always "puts me back in my place!!"

3. I like to see the list of blogs that I check on to see who has posted recently.

4. I like that there are no frills or anything un-necessary. No clutter. I realize that I have no awards or community links or blog group/ clubs. I also realize that I may receive only a few visitors, but that is okay. This is just my quiet place where I can be refreshed and nourished.

Hope you enjoy it too.

I have to give you my sewing update: I cut out the pattern this afternoon and started sewing. While I was working on it, I had many ideas, thoughts about home and such. I will write an article about it in this coming weekly newsletter. (*Edited update - the weekly newsletter is no longer available.)

Have a wonderful night!
Mrs. White


Moxie said...

The sermon was wonderful! Can't wait to read about the apron in the newsletter! Bless and be blessed..... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I enjoy this place very very much. In fact, it's my favorite place to visit on the internet!! I've learned so much from all of your precious writings, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!! :) Please never stop writing!! God is using you to help others, including me!!!


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