Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working in the Kitchen

Everyone in my house is worn out. I am letting them all rest. I will rest later. Right now I am making pizza dough for supper. I have terrible chest pains and shortness of breath, but I am slowing kneading that dough. I love the quiet in my kitchen and working to make a healthy, filling meal for my family. One of our daycare children has pneumonia. So we will probably all end up with something similar. We take care of two little sweethearts in our home. They are precious.
Tonight, as I am making our pizzas, I am remembering my Rachel. She is our oldest at 21. I remember all the cooking she did growing up and all the good food she made. I miss having her home. ...
Recently, she was in her own kitchen with her fiancee. She was looking through a large cookbook I bought for her and she was planning out their menus. She told her boyfriend she would make some homemade bread. He couldn't believe she knew how to do that. I was so happy that she still loved to cook and bake after all these years.
There is just something about working in the kitchen that makes home a precious memory......


Laura Lane said...

Just precious!

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