Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back at Home

I am trying to get back into my homemaking routine. My 16 year old son, Matthew, is finished with his tests at the hospital. Pending biopsy results in a few days, he has Crohns Disease *. We are thankful to finally find out what is wrong and hopeful to work with the doctors to get him comfortable and healthy again.
In the meantime, the best thing to do is our regular routine. I want to turn on the old gospel music, and slowly clean my kitchen. I have been gone for a few days. My plan to stay home all week is interrupted only by hospital and doctor trips, but that is okay. I am going to have to make a list of things I want to do at home because my mind is unclear and I need some focus.

Here is what I want to accomplish:

1. Spend one hour in Bible study, quiet reading.
2. Clean my whole kitchen and make a nice lunch.
3. Tidy up the livingroom and set a pretty table.
4. Read a book to my 11 year old son. I will probably pick one of those darling old stories from the early 1900's. We have a collection of books like: "The Widow's Son" ; "Choice Stories for the family"; "The Young Christian" , etc. I am sure I can find something to keep his interest.
5. Sit on the front porch and chat with Amy (14) about her dreams and goals for the summer. (This should be good). I will do some hand sewing while I listen to her.
6. Do the laundry.
7. Sweep the floors
8. Bake brownies.

It all sounds very relaxing to me. I will get to work on it right now. Hope things are going well in your homes.

"And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." - Galatians 6:9

May I just say one more thing? (of course, it's my blog after all)......smiles........ When there is a crisis going on in my home, be it illness, or some other trial, I find it comforting to hear about your lives. I enjoy hearing good things that are happening with you or even your trials. It is a diversion for me. So please, keep sharing your life! It is missionary work, and you are all lighthouses guiding others to the light of peace and joy, heaven and God.
Mrs. White

* Edited update - There was a mistake in diagnosis. He does not have Crohn's. It was a temporary case of severe acid reflux which caused so much damage. As of Oct. 2010, he is all healed!


Karen (Canadian Soldier's Wife) said...

Hi... I know IBS and Chrohn's are different things... but I know someone with IBS who found the acacia fiber supplement from here to be quite helpful :

I hope you can find something that helps, short of surgery. Take care.

Kathy said...

Praise God for the healing! I hope that your soon is doing well now.

Thank you for your encouraging blog. I was sitting here discouraged. Reading frugal tuesday tips and clicked on the link from Harvest lane cottage then blogs she likes to read...funny how things happen, isn't it.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I've been reading your blog faithfully now for a couple of months, and have been so encouraged. Reading what you write makes me feel so relaxed and want to grab a cup of tea and hold my babies, and be a wonderful mother. :)
I have one other blog I tend to always read besides yours because I haven't been able to find encouragement in other blogs. They seem to make me feel like I'm a terrible mom because I can't seem to get my life in order the way they seem to. I long to have a home that is orderly and homeschooling works well, and the kids listened like perfect little angels, but that's just not reality here.
We have 5 little ones. Our oldest is 8 and our only son. I am constantly feeling defeated by emotional girls and my own struggle with fatigue and healing myself from health issues. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself. There is nothing more in this world I would rather be doing than being a wife and mom, but it's sure exhausting! The house is a constant mess, even when we work together to get it all cleaned up, it's only shortlived. I can't seem to find any way to have a normal routine. Is there such a thing with little kids? Maybe I'm just thinking outloud at your expense. Forgive me. :)
What's reality for schooling 5 young kids, managing a home, and finding time to sit and drink a cup of tea? I'm so tiard...I love it so much but I'm soooo tiard. I have been finding myself yelling at the kids here and ther out of shere frustration because I don't know how to handle some of the situations sometimes. I'm lost at times for knowing the best way to deal with a situation, and when I have all of them needing something different at the same time, and I'm hungry and feeling like i'm going to pass out, and on and on it goes. What is one person supposed to do at those hairy moments? (deep breath in and out...)
I'm just writing this because you mentioned in this one that you would like to hear about other's struggles, even if it was an old post...So I'm letting loose...thanks for opening up the floor. I guess it's just nice to vent sometimes.
I think about what you went through with cancer. I can't even imagine. Some of the things you have written have slapped me right across the face with reality, and made me snap out of my selfishness for a moment long enough to want to snatch up my kids and breath them in. To realize that life is fragile and that we are given a gift to have our blessings living and breathing. That we get to experience their lives. Makes me so thankful, then the flip side is the struggle of managing life day to day with joy and peace. Thanks for listening. I'm so thankful to have found your blog. :)

Laura Lane said...

I praise God to read of his healing! Hallelujah! 10,000 praises to God!

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