Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling out of Sorts

This morning had its stresses and I was feeling out of sorts. We just cannot trust our emotions! So I thought I would do a little visiting of other blogs and came across a wonderful post. It is about a family who, through prayer and trusting God, were able to buy a very nice, nearly new van. I was so encouraged by this. It made me remember that we are only required to get through today faithfully, doing our best. And our precious Lord will take care of tomorrow!

Here is the link:

Encouraging Post

Have you had a similar experience, where God has provided in a wonderful way? Please let me know about it.

Mrs. White


simplebeauty said...

Dear Mrs White,

Thank you for stopping by my spot in Blogland and leaving such a sweet comment!! And thank you for also joining to "follow"

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
God bless you and your sweet family.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment.
I just said a prayer for you and your family (in Jesus Name), especially for your ill son.
Blessings always,

Mrs. White said...

Thank you so much! I am delighted that you visited!
Mrs. White

Rochele said...

Mrs White,

Thank you so much for the link:) That made my day!!! I noticed that you all follow the puritans:) Love that. Are you reformed??

Mrs. White said...

Rochele, so glad it made you happy! It is a wonderful post and encouraging to many.
I love the Puritans. Their writings are so inspiring. I wouldn't say we are "reformed" or anything in particular, just regular Christians saved by grace, learning and growing until we get to Heaven!
Mrs. White

Sandra said...

We felt like God wanted us to move out to the country, so we bought 5 acres. But after paying on it for one year, my husband could get no side jobs to pay the monthly payment. So after 3 months we put it up for sale. We had a buyer right off because it was a nice piece of property. My mother in law called from 1100 miles away the day the people were going to the bank. We told her about it. She called us back in 30 minutes and said we didn't have to sell it. My husbands aunt was going to wire us the money. We had only seen her twice in 20 years. She said she was going to leave him some money in her will and she would rather give it to him then. We were shocked!! We had no idea. She wired us the money that very day and we are living on the land for 8 years now.
Another one: When I quit my job to stay at home with my first child, my husband always had to work side jobs for us to make it. Then two years ago our church did the missions month and you had to write down what God told you to pledge that HE would give through you that year for missions. My husband told me what to put down. My mother in law had just died 3 weeks prior. 3 days later my father in law pulled in our drive way and told us he was going to give us his van because he just bought himself a car. He had the van for her, because she couldn't hardly get in a car. It was a 2005 and we had a 2001 van. We sold our van, which had nothing wrong with it and my husband has not had to work any side jobs for us to make it since. God can do things in ways that you cannot even imagine!

Mrs. White said...

Thank you Sandra. These kinds of testimonies strengthen our faith. God is amazing and so good to us.
Mrs. White

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