Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homekeeping and Cooking

We've had such a nice day. The weather is pleasant and warm. Amy (14) had dance class early this morning so I waited for her in the car. I read a wonderful book. It is by Erma Bombeck, called "If life is a bowl of cherries - what am I doing in the pits?" Her writing is so funny and supportive. She makes everyday life a comedy; even our darkest, hardest moments as mothers can be lightened by reading her words of humorous wisdom.

When I got home, I started doing a little baking. I don't have any pie crusts and I didn't want to *attempt* to make one myself, so I made a double batch of biscuit dough. I didn't have enough buttermilk, was out of regular milk, so used about a quarter of a cup of rice milk, mixed right in with whatever I had left of buttermilk.... Then I boiled up the following, in a large pot:

1. 5 or 6 large potatoes - peeled and cut up
2. 10 carrots - peeled and cut up
3. One small handful of dried split peas
I covered all this with spring water, then boiled for about 30 minutes.

I cut a small onion in half, then cut up 2 cloves of garlic. I set this aside.

When the vegetables were done, I scooped some out, along with its broth and put it into a blender. I added cooked vegetables to this along with the fresh onion and garlic. I added a little bit of spring water to fill up 3/4 container of the glass blender. Blend until creamy.

I then drained the pot of vegetables. I added the creamy mixture to this and set aside.

I cut the biscuit dough in half. Then rolled out 1/2 and placed it in a lightly greased, glass pie pan. This was cooked at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (to pre-bake it). Then I put most of the creamy, vegetable mix on this. . I rolled out the other half of biscuit dough and carefully placed it on top. I put some fork holes on top, and cut away excess dough to save for later.

This was baked for about 10 - 12 minutes (until browned). It came out great. I called it "Vegetable, biscuit pie."

Here's what I did with the leftover dough,

1. Roll out, then fill up center with chopped apples.
2. sprinkle apples with cinnamon
3. Drizzle honey over this.
4. Roll up dough, pinch edges.
5. Bake in a lightly greased pan until browned (about 15 minutes or so)

When the timer went off, I went to check this darling apple bake and realized I forgot to turn the oven back on! (smiles). But all is well now.

While I was doing all this cooking, Nicole (my 20 year old) was telling me all kinds of stories about her day and I was listening to a precious sermon on a CD. It was something about God's Will and was by Robby Robertson (of Sword of the Lord). Oh, I just loved it so much. This dear Saint spoke of his health and how he had surgery and cancer and he was breaking up as he spoke to hold back tears. He talked about how God took care of him in his ministry as a Pastor and how he doesn't know much or have much wisdom, but he does whatever God wants him to do. He was saying that it is God's way, not our ideas. In other words, God brings things to pass and we, the humble servants (even though often we feel incapable of what he asks) do whatever he needs. We have to listen to his leading, not our ideas or schemes.

Well, as I was listening to this sermon, I was thinking about my Father (who lives with us, in another section of our house with Mother.) And I thought, "Oh, Dad will love this dear saint. I will let him borrow it." I brought it right down to him. We are in a dry land here. We are thirsty and starving for good, old, heart-rending sermons. This will feed us, even better than my home -cooking ever could.

Mrs. White


Laura Lane said...

I love the way you made do.
My Amy is now 14!

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