Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make Do Recipes - Introduction

It is important to have the skill of making your own recipes when necessary.

1. You may not always have what you need in your pantry.

2. You want to use up what you already have.

3. It is fun to be creative in the kitchen (particularly when you invent something that actually tastes good)

4. It will save you money.

5. Everyone loves to see Mom baking and cooking in the kitchen. It is comforting.

In this section, I will be sharing some recipes from my kitchen. They are called "Make Do Recipes" because I use whatever I have on hand. I will only share the recipes that turn out okay!

Here are some tips for your own test-lab:

1. Use a recipe from a cookbook as your guide, but adjust things based on what you have available. For example: If a muffin recipe calls for milk, you can use juice, rice milk (or if you are desperate - water) instead.

2. Keep a pen and paper handy to take notes as you go along. Sometimes the recipe will say to use 1/2 cup of white flour. I might use 3/4 cup of white flour just to see the different outcome. Write down all that you do as you go along. If, by wonderful chance, your finished product comes out great - just take your notes and write out your recipe on an index card and save for next time. If, on the other hand, it came out badly, just discreetly throw away your notes and try something different next time!

Mrs. White


Jennifer said...

I have just started writing in my cookbooks- when a change in a recipe makes it better.

Laura Lane said...

Dear Mrs. White,

I had chicken thighs, though not enough for everyone.
I boiled them. Picked meat off the bone and set aside.
I strained the broth through a mesh strainer into a bowl.
I put a little spray in the pan, then added a chopped onion and
chopped bits of leftover frozen broccoli.
I sauteed this until tender then added 3 cups of chicken broth and brought it to a boil.
Next I added a box of instant brown rice and let it set 5 minutes after returning it to a boil.
I added the chicken and several handfuls of grated cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper.

I kept this on low simmer and added some more broth until I liked the consistency.

My family raved over it and told me to write it down! What a surprise just from adding a bit of this and a bit of that to make the meal stretch.

Be blessed dear friend!
Mrs. Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage

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