Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Old Days

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a VCR. We had never even heard of video stores. While we did have a television set, we had to wait several days if we wanted to see a special program. We would check the TV listing and try our best to remember that an old movie or Charlie Brown cartoon special would be on over the weekend. Mom would often pop popcorn and let us have a small glass of soda for these occasions. We did not have cable, or DVD's or Blue Ray. But we did have a large piece of furniture in our living room called a record player. We thought that was such fun. I even had a very small one of my own in my bedroom. You could buy a tiny, one song record with gum in the package! I would rush home and play the song in my room. We had never heard of boom boxes or cassette players. There were no CD's. But Dad had an 8 track player and we would listen to his favorite songs in the livingroom on occasion.
Mom had a real piano in the livingroom. We had so much fun trying to learn to play it. Mom knew how and only played during holidays. She enjoyed cleaning and keeping the house and let us just play and enjoy the outdoors. We had our own chores too, but we did them quickly so we could spend time in the yard.
What has happened to families now since there are too many distractions from real life?

Mrs. White


Kela said...

That just brought back tons of memories! I'm 35 years old, but I remember the days of no cable (not even a remote control for the t.v.!), the big console record player/8 track combo, skillet popped popcorn. I long for those days sometimes. It was a neat time growing up. Now too many other things are taking the place of simply enjoying life.

Laura Lane said...

I find as my children grow older and as my husband got an Ipad, they are glued to screens more. I don't know how to reclaim simpler times. It's hard for this homeschool mama.

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