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Review for the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner

TOS Crew Review

Title: 2009 Schoolhouse Planner

Publisher: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Number of Pages: 374

Price: $39.00

Overall impression:

This is an amazing resource. At first I thought I would need to print it out since I prefer to hold a book in my hand. However, as I thought about it, I realized how much better it would be to use it like it was some kind of software program. I will explain this as I go along here.

At the Old Schoolhouse Store you can find every single detail of what this planner includes. Here I will describe how to use it and how it may benefit you.

What I plan to do:

I will print out the penmanship pages. My children can do these extra practice pages a few times a week. I enjoy printing out fresh worksheets for them each day. It makes things exciting.

Early Elementary book Report. I love these. If your children really don’t understand the concept of writing a book report, then this is perfect. It takes little effort on their part. They just fill in the sections of questions with their thoughts.

General Book Report. This is great for older children. I would just print one out each time a child read a book and have them fill this out. I don’t know too many children who enjoy doing book reports, so this makes it easier for them. There is an excellent section later in the planner for you to list each book your child has read. You can do data entry right into the program!! Here you can list: author, title, date completed and overall description of the book. I have to tell you, that when my oldest (21), Rachel was growing up, she kept a notebook chock full of every single book she ever read. She also had a star system (5 stars meant excellent). The books she enjoyed most, she would go back and re-read years later. I love that a similar system is already in this planner. It is extremely useful. Here is a bonus: when you are preparing your child’s transcript for college admission, you can go back and see all the books they ever read as a reference. This is what I did when Rachel was entering college.

Journal Pages: These are good for younger to middle grade children. You print these out. There is a section for drawing pictures and also for writing their journal entry. You could do these a few days a week or use them for nature journals. The absolute best part about this, is you can print out a fresh, new sheet every time you need one!

There are some wonderful charts in this planner, including “U. S. Presidents” ….. “U.S. States and Capitals” …. “Timeline of Inventions”….. and “Famous Composers.” I am going to print these charts out and hang them up on our walls. Do you have any idea how bored children get waiting around for either the phone, or for supper to be finished or for everyone to be ready to head out the door? Well, I have seen them staring at the walls or just looking at nothing. So, I’ll put these educational papers up and watch their intelligence soar!

The Kitchen Conversion Cheat Sheet (on page 125), will be taped to our kitchen cabinet door. There have been many times when my children are doing some math in their workbooks and have to know things like “how many cups are in a quart?” If they don’t know the answer, they can look on this chart. It is not cheating. I call it “research.”

The planner has 12 articles on a variety of educational topics, such as planets and weather. I plan to read one of these at the beginning of each month and use it as a guide for further study for the month. Older children can read these as well.

There are assignment sheets, with a place to put the due date. I have to tell you that I have often come up with some really exciting project ideas and told the children it was “due on Friday” and then forgot to follow through. With this section, I can go right into the program and type up the details. Each morning, I will go in and check over all the necessary pages to see what we need to do for the day or what notes I need to write up for the children as reminders. I can also print out a completely filled in (typed) sheet and hand it to each child on a Monday and expect the work to be done by the end of the week.

I loved the “unschooling” chart, where you can just fill in all the things you did with your child, using their sample page. You could just type onto it, print it out and store it in their folder.

As for the home section, I have often wondered what would happen to my family if I was no longer around (due to death or illness). Since I do our family finances, handle savings and pay our mortgage, how would they know that our monthly house payment is automatically taken out of our bank account? Well, that information can be typed right into this planner. It is in a safe location on the computer. I plan to type up our food inventory log (so we always know what needs to be in our pantry), make menus, shopping lists and housecleaning plans. I will also print out the chore charts and make sure my children do them! We have had so many homemade charts over the years, and I always have to change them. As the children get older, head off to college or move out, we need to transfer the chores to younger children.

I appreciate the Bible reading program they have listed where you can go in and check off which sections you have read. There is also a prayer journal. Use the data entry feature to type up the details, put in the date and then later, the answered prayer.


Mrs. White

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~ Denise ~ said...

Bravo, Mrs. White. Bravo! An excellent, very detailed review. ;-) I love this planner, too.

tdrowlee said...

I love the idea to put the kitchen conversion sheet in the cabinet! thanks! Great review. it is so neat to read how everyone likes different parts!

Debbie said...

Excellent review!

Debbie said...

Great review! I love the idea of printing and hanging the charts!

Chris Worthy said...

You have great ideas! I enjoyed your review and I am sure I am going to enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful day!

Tonia said...

Wonderful review! Love the idea of keeping an ongoing book list. Might do that for me! ;)

Kela said...

I enjoyed that review! Last night I printed out the kitchen measurement conversion chart, put it in a sleeve protector and taped it to the inside of the kitchen cabinet that's opened the most :)

Great ideas

Hidden Jewel said...

I like how you gave ideas on how to use each type of form.

Homeschool Dawn said...

Great review! Thank you for your nice comment on mine. I am enjoying "meeting" all the crew members.

nikkit3 said...

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover I didn't mind not holding a planner in my hands! I have had so much fun using the menu planner form, and the weekly planner for for lessons for my children!

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