Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why do you want to make money?

I have been visiting several blogs and websites and notice a common theme in many of them. They are trying to make money. Why?

I suppose this sounds strange for me to ask but why do most housewives want to earn money?

I understand helping your husband with whatever work he is doing. I understand having to pay bills. But why isn't there enough money coming in already without having to try to earn more? I am only trying to understand this....

Is it possible, if a family is living very simply on one income (the husband's) to manage just fine without needing another income?

Would life be more peaceful if we could do the following without the burden of needing money?

1. Have a leisurely breakfast on the front porch.
2. Spend the afternoon watching the children play in the yard.
3. Sit near the hearth with a cup of hot chocolate and read the Bible.
4. Make a simple supper and set a pretty table.
5. Come and go as you please. Feel pampered and special without having to worry about money.
6. Enjoy being taken care of financially by your husband.
7. Not have worries about bills, income, etc. Just manage your "household budget" for food and such.
8. Take a long walk and pick wild flowers while precious children run and play.
9. Stay up late and watch the stars.
10. Write a book in the middle of the night when the world is sleeping.
11. Wake up before the sun and sit near the window with a hot cup of tea.
12. Play the piano and sing to your heart's content.
13. Enjoy having unexpected guests over and give them your undivided attention.
14. Take phone calls from people who need to talk and have all the time in the world.
15. Bake homemade cookies and eat several of them, while they are still warm.
16. Spend hours cuddled up on the couch reading stories to your children.
17. Sit on the front porch and listen to the rain.

Do we really need the pressure and burden of earning money in order to do these things?
I love the attitude of a gentleman in the old days. He would say to his wife, "Don't worry your pretty little head about this." Money wasn't her concern. God bless him!

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

Well said Mrs. White. We can all use the encouragement to love our families, and to take the time to enjoy the wonderful life that our God has provied to us.

I am so thankful for a husband that desires for me to be busy at home, and invest in our family.

Tracy said...

A wonderful post, Mrs. White!

Mrs. White said...

Tracy, I am so glad you thought so. I really thought I was going to get into trouble with that post!!
Mrs. White

Tovah said...

Hello Mrs. White,

It is a lovely thing to be able to stay home with your children and not worry about trying to bring in money. As our husband's helpmeets though, for some of us, bringing in some extra funds might be just the thing that he needs us to do.

My DH works very hard, anywhere between 45 and 55 hours a week. We have 7 children at home, including several teenagers and for some reason, they like to eat, ALOT LOL! My DH has been working this kind of schedule for 20 something years. He is tired. He would love to be able to cut back to just a regular 40 hour week and spend more time with the family. I study how to economize, but I can't seem to get our expenses much lower than they are.

Hence, I'd love to be able to bring in some extra funds,

"She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies sashes for the merchants." Prov 31:24

Many blessings.

Mrs. White said...

Tovah, I completely understand! and those teenagers can certainly eat a lot!!
Mrs. White

Jennifer Perkins said...

I love this, Mrs. White... :o)

Carolynn Stewart said...

Wonderful post! My husband gave me the go-ahead to quit my job two years ago. I wonder how I ever managed the stress of it and keeping home. I don't think I could ever go back, and don't want to!! The hubs started to say something to me recently concerning finances... stopped himself short and said, "never mind, you weren't meant to worry about that." The modern woman might be offended, but my heart cried out "thank you!"

Jenifer Helton said...

I manage our money, and yes, I do work outside of the home. I hate it, but we felt like it was a "necessity". Worrying about it gives me heartburn and anxiety 24/7.

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