Thursday, July 16, 2009

7th Heaven and Making Supper

I love the series on television, '7th Heaven.' I have watched those programs over and over again. The Mother is so cheerful and such a hard worker at home. Her daily work includes talking to the children, helping them with their problems, doing laundry, and working in the kitchen. One thing I love the most is that she makes a nice big supper each night. She even sets the table. Everyone is called to eat and they all sit together. I love this.

No matter what is going on at home, all day long, the family longs for a good meal in the evening. My mother always did this for us. We all went to school or work during the day. Then around 6 pm, we all sat together to eat a good, home cooked meal.

I have older children and they still come into the kitchen when I am cooking. They are eager to eat. They want to know, 'what is for supper?'

This is what home is supposed to be. It is a haven. It is like a bit of heaven on earth, where families gather, away from the world, and enjoy good food and old fashioned togetherness.

Mrs. White


Tracy said...

I love 7th Heaven, too! Thank goodness for reruns. :)

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