Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buttermilk Pancakes and Homemaking

We had a nice morning at church. I taught Sunday School class and then we went to the morning worship service. It is so pleasant to be in church! It is a blessing!

When we got home, Amy (14) made me some tortellini. She made a mistake, though, and put some tomato sauce on it (horrors!!). So I had her drain it over hot water. Then she tossed the cleaned pasta in some extra virgin olive oil - just the way I like it!

My plan for the afternoon was to putter around the house, cleaning. It has been very cold here in Vermont. So cold that I had hot chocolate yesterday! It is July, but it is cold! I got right to work on John's room. He is 11 years old and his room is a mess. I worked diligently in there and enjoyed myself. I had all the windows open. The cool air made the house fresh and pleasant. Matthew (16) helped me re-arrange some of John's furniture to make it more roomy.

When my boys were little, I bought them some adorable guitars with Roy Rogers on them. They have since broken, and one of them ended up in the trash. We have the main base of one guitar still left so Matthew is hanging it up on Johns' wall as a decoration. It is precious!

My oven has been broken for the past several days. It is a beautiful stove, only six years old, so I am a little disappointed. However, we are making do with our small toaster oven for now. Since I have lots of buttermilk, I am planning to make buttermilk pancakes tonight for supper. I will also fry up some potatoes and sausages to go with it. I found a recipe for pancakes that looks really good. Here is the link:

Ma Ma Rose's Buttermilk Pancakes

I am planning to stay up very late tonight, enjoying cleaning my house. I will work while I have the energy!

A few months ago, just before we left on vacation, I stayed up all night cleaning and organizing my house so much that by the time we headed out the door, I was READY for the vacation. There is nothing worse than going away on a trip, but having your heart yearning for home and wishing you could do some cleaning projects!

Mrs. White


Sandra said...

I can't even think about it being cold!! We are in the deep south and it is HOT and HUMID!! It feels like you have stepped into an oven when you open the door. Enjoy your cool weather! I remember one summer we were in CT for the July 4th fireworks and we had to wear light jackets. Not down here!!

Lori said...

Did you say COLD?? I may move to Vermont!! LOL! I am NOT a summer person. :) Ah, but I suppose I couldn't leave my TN foothills. :) Enjoy that hot chocolate and think of us down here in the South while you do!!!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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