Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Housekeeping amidst Family Drama

I have been working hard around the house. I am exhausted and going to have to stop for awhile. I need to rest. I will have to slow down.

There was a crisis in our house yesterday. Some troubling news had come to us in a horrifying way. I was outside in the rain, just standing there with my 16 and 20 year olds and just listening to them work through this.

I remember watching the movie "Fiddler on the Roof." They went about their religious duties, their work and their chores, in the middle of all the trials that came up. They still paused to pray, and stop for the Sabbath. Life is like that. We cannot become consumed by bad news. We cannot stop and brood when food needs to be prepared or dishes need to be washed. We can pray while we work. Children still need to see Mother smiling. They need to have stories read to them and they need to be tucked into bed at night and told they are loved.

Sometimes, we have to hide our pain.

All is well. We are going to be okay.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

I agree with this 100% I think we can get soooo consumed with bad news and negativity. It can become diabilitating to us spiritually, emotionally and even physically. We do have to go on. We have to walk in Faith, simple as that.It is not politically correct to not be "me" focused. As Christians this is our way of life. As Christian mothers it is our instinct, We go on for our family. Praying for you.

Tovah said...

People DO have a way of continuing to need to eat and have clean clothes to wear even when it seems the world is coming unraveled at the seams.

I'm sorry dear one that this new burden is troubling you and I pray that Yahweh will heal you and your family soon and everything will be well.

Lori said...

Sure sounds like y'all could use some prayer. We'll do that for you, ok? :)
Nothing is an accident in the life of a child of God.
God bless you and yours!

Sandra said...

I've sent up a prayer for you and your family and I couldn't agree more with your post.

God Bless.

Raising Olives said...

This particularly struck me several years ago. I had taken our six (at the time) children over to visit my dying grandfather. They had all gotten some time to visit with him, so I took them downstairs to prepare lunch.

Just after we had left the room I was called back in and was able to be with my grandfather when he passed into glory. Then I had to go back downstairs and finish fixing the children's lunch. They were hungry, but it was so surreal. My grandfather was no longer living on this earth and yet I was making sandwiches so the children could eat lunch.

Life does continue and that is a blessing. We must continue to do the next thing.

Praying for you during this time.


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