Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letting Go and Trusting Your Children in Religion

When Amy was a little girl, she would sit on the couch in the livingroom with a hymn book in her hand. I still remember the image of her sitting there... looking through the book... finding a song, and singing it like no one was around. What a precious sight!

She did this one day while my father was visiting us. He was doing some work around our busy house and, as he walked by, he noticed her on the couch. A look of shock passed over his face. He asked me what she was doing. I told him, “Well, she is singing hymns.” He was so proud.

I love that nobody told her to do it…. I love that she was used to seeing me do this and had picked up on it….. I love that she wanted to do this too!

Now she is 14 and growing up so fast. She is right in the middle of those difficult teen years. She doesn’t seem to have the time to do family Bible studies and such. But tonight, John (11) and I were going to do our own Bible study. I grabbed the hymn books and he and I headed to my room with our Bibles. I had already invited Nicole (20) and Matthew (16) to join us but no one else wanted to. Finally, I saw Amy and asked her if she would join us. She didn’t want to. I said, “Well, then make sure you do it on your own.” She looked surprised and said, “Of course I will. What do you think I did last night? What kind of person do you think I am?”

I was so happy. My baby chooses to read the Bible on her own!! Praise God!!!!!

Mrs. White


Lori said...

Isn't it a wonderful thrill as a mother to see and know your children read the Word of God on their own???!!! I love it! My 11 year old worried that she wasn't establishing a habit of reading her Bible daily...she was like many of us, reading "hit and miss". Finally she just determined she'd read first thing in the morning. Sure enough, she gets out of bed and makes it up, then goes straight into the living room, grabs her Bible and reads. :) And I am one thankful Mama.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. we just have to trust God at some point. I think this is where we really have to cover them with prayer and less with our words. We have to believe His promises.


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