Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mama's kitchen

My mother used to make such wonderful things for supper. No matter what was happening, we could always count on Mama making a good meal for us in the evening. Here are some of the things she used to make:

1. Mashed potatoes and hamburger over vegetable soup. .. Details: Fry up some ground burger. When this in finished, add one can of Campbells vegetable soup over this. Then add one half a can of water. Stir this up and simmer......... Mash up five pounds of cooked potatoes.... To serve: Put a heaping serving- spoon full of mashed potatoes on a plate. Top with the burger mixture.

2. Spaghetti and meatballs. Mom used to roll up the meat mixture into golf ball size meatballs. She did not fry them. She added them into a pan of tomato sauce and let them cook for hours. She would then top our cooked spaghetti with this. We always had grated Parmesan cheese on the table to sprinkle on top of this delicious meal.

3. At every meal, she would put a plate of bread, a bowl of sliced onions, sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumbers.

4. Mom had serving bowls and plates for everything. Eating was always an event. It was like she was the hostess. We had folded napkins beside our plates, all the silverware we needed and glasses full of milk, iced tea, or lemonade. We NEVER had soda with our meals. Soda was a treat we had with a snack once a week.

5. On weekend mornings, Dad would make a big pancake breakfast. Mom was right in there helping him set everything up. We children would sleep as late as we could, but we were awakened by the sound of Dad's gospel music, his singing along, and the delicious smell of breakfast cooking! He made us WANT to get out of bed.

6. Years later, when only two (out of four) of us children were left at home, Dad would get take-out on Friday nights. He would get fish and chips for everyone, except for me. I didn't like fish. So he would make a special trip to Wendy's restaurant and get me a plain hamburger with french fries. We were always excited to see him coming home from work on Friday nights with that special supper!

7. Mom loved to wash dishes. She did them all day long. When we would have a drink in the livingroom on a hot day, she would watch to see when that cup was empty. As soon as we left the room, she would take it and wash it.

8. Mom was always in the kitchen. She would wash down the counters and have the tea kettle on to enjoy a cup of hot tea on her break. To this day, when I go downstairs to visit her (she lives in a small apartment in our house), I can always find her in the kitchen, organizing, planning or just reading the paper at the table, while drinking tea.

I have learned so many things about home and homemaking from Mama. I grew up cleaning her house and cooking in her kitchen. I used to wash the kitchen floor just for fun..... All these years later, I still love working in my own kitchen. It is the center of our family. I have my mother to thank for this.

Mrs. White


Abounding Treasures said...

What wonderful memories!

And how special that your mother is close enough at hand that you can pop down for a cup of tea with her anytime!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I love your mom, too, after reading this. You ARE so fortunate to have her right there with you! (I just found your blog and have been reading a lot of your postings. Thank you for your encouragement!)


Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this post.
i struggle with being in my kitchen tho i long to. you see, we live in an old run down house and mice come in frequently and it scares me to death! and what room do they like? the kitchen! but i want to "hang out " there all day! i want to bake cakes and create new recipes etc with my daughters but.....

Cassidy said...

What beautiful memories to treasure. My mother worked outside the home so no one ever cooked. So, I am still learning all the time how to cook and make things from scratch. Sometimes I have to ask my mother in law what a certain abbreviation means because I've never heard of it. I enjoy cooking for my family and making it special. I just never seem to get to do it very often. My husband buys the groceries and often times there's just not a lot I can really cook for dinner. There's more "quick foods" than I prefer. I used to make a menu and then a shopping list and he would get that. I think I will start doing that again so that I can cook more! Smiles, Cass

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