Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chalkboard Prayers

When I really need a miracle, I write my prayer requests on a chalkboard. This is on my living room wall. It is in a "public place." I use this as a serious act of faith and courage, not only for a witness to myself but also to my entire family.

I first started doing this about a year or so ago. I was having trouble finding my notebook, where I normally list my prayers. So I just decided to write a list of major financial needs on the chalkboard. I knew the Lord would take care of these for me.

Well, as I wrote these out, some of the children gathered around and wanted to know what I was doing.

"These are my chalkboard prayers. They are serious problems that only God can fix." I would tell them.

Within a few days, I was able to cross each one off. They were all being taken care of. My Nicole (19 at the time) was amazed. "You have to tell me how you do that!!"

Well, I did it again the other day. I wrote my list. I only write these publicly (in my living room) when the answers will require a miracle. These requests are impossible for me to handle alone. Anyway, I put up a list the other day. There are currently five items listed there.

Well, this morning, the hardest of all was resolved. It gave me great joy to cross that one off. I was so grateful!! I told all the children.... I told my Father... I told my Mother.... Then I told them they needed to get a chalkboard too, and write up their own prayers.

Mrs. White


Helen said...

I absolutely love this, Mrs White. I really do. Just the other day, the Machinist told me "Babe, we need a whiteboard" - mainly for all the things we need to remember for the three businesses. However, I now see great profit and potential in this, as I read about your act of faith. I see it as an opportunity to demonstrate faith and answered prayers without coming across as religious, which, as you know - our Young Adults tend to shy from.
Thanks for telling us about this, lots of love,

cherie said...

this is what i need to do, ma'am. blessings to you on this Friday!

~Celeste~ said...

Hi, I just found you! I love your blog. And I really love this idea. I think I'll start using it:)

Home Instructed Students said...

Hi, This is great. I have a chalkboard in my living room, too. It is real slate from an old school that was torn down. One son bought it, another framed it, but it took both to hang it. :-) My prayers are going up ASAP!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful. I need to share it with my blog readers. Is this okay?

Mrs. White said...

Sure Tricia.

Mrs. White

Hodgepodgemom said...

Love this practical idea!

Emily T. Thomas said...

I've been doing something similar! I found wall clings at borders and put one up in the LR where we always have devotions...amazing how HE always answers!

The Davidson Den said...

What a wonderful story and testament to God's miraculous workings in your life!!! And what a legacy you are passing down to your children. Thank you so much for sharing this. Something easy for families to do, but something that will make a huge impact as we see God do the BIG things, because He IS big ENOUGH!!! Praise the Lord!

(Over from WFMW...)