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Grapevine Bible Study

TOS Crew Review

Product: Old Testament Overview Level 4 by Dianna Wiebe

Student Book and Teacher’s Manual.

Publisher: Grapevine Studies


I took the Teacher’s Manual out on my front porch. I sat in my rocking chair with a pen and paper for notes. I wanted to understand what this program was all about. I read the first 20 pages and started to get excited. Basically, the introduction explains exactly how to use the curriculum. It is very detailed but clearly allows you to make any changes to suit your family.

It is also designed for anyone to teach, even if you have no experience. At first, you simply follow the outlined program. Then, as you understand how it works, you can add your own creative ideas or just do a simpler version. It is very easy to follow.

How I used this product:

I am currently homeschooling three of my five children. (The oldest two graduated several years ago). I gave each of them a copy of the student workbook. I followed along with the Teacher’s manual. We did one page per day. I read the passage to them and then explained what they needed to do. Here are the basics of the program:

1. There are questions for the students to answer. But they must * research * in order to find the answer. (I love this part!) Basically, they use tools like a concordance or Bible dictionary.
2. Scripture is read.
3. The student has to DRAW (using stick figures) to help describe what is happening in the passage. This is the cutest thing in the world!
4. The children are given a memory verse. They are required to write these in the workbook.
5. There are timelines to fill out (by drawing).
6. Review questions help test their memory.
7. The Teacher’s book includes maps. It also offers a weekly and daily schedule for you to choose from.
8. The Old Testament Overview covers Creation through Ezra and Nehemiah.
9. There are 39 lessons.
10. “Section 1” in the Teachers Manual is a very brief overview of each lesson, including “Goals and Key Points.” This provides you with an excellent source to prepare before teaching each section.

Final Thoughts:

My children are 16, 14 and 12. I wasn’t sure how my 16 year old would handle this. The idea of drawing stick figures and doing something that seemed simple was annoying for him in the beginning. But after the first day, he got used to it and enjoyed it. His drawings were creative and adorable. He willingly took our enormous concordance and looked up words. I then showed him how to find their meanings. I explained that the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew. So he had to look in the back section of the concordance to find definitions.

As a family, over the years, we have read through the entire Bible several times. My children know these lessons pretty well to begin with. However, sometimes they think they don’t need to read anymore! (shudder) So this is a very exciting program for us. The children are gleaning a great deal.

The program only takes about 15 minutes!

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Heather said...

Hi! I'm Heather (TOS Crew, too) My husband and I chose the NT overview for our kids this year. I am loving it also! I was curious to see yours because I love the OT and want to do that next. Good review:).

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