Monday, August 10, 2009

A Quiet Day at Home

It is getting a bit chilly here in Vermont. There will soon be a frost and then winter will hit. Summer never lasts long in this rural mountain community.

My Amy, 14, spent all of last week at Christian camp. It was her first time. Many of the children from our church were given a scholarship to attend. She was so excited. She had a wonderful time, but I missed her terribly. She made many new friends and enjoyed hearing the testimonies of the other young adults. They had Bible Devotions and preachers speaking twice a day. When it was over and I picked her up, so many of the teens came over to our car for one last hug from Amy. She was so happy. She spent the next several hours telling me all her stories. We stopped to get ice cream sundaes on the way home. I have been so busy the last few days just sitting with her and listening and laughing with her.

Yesterday, my oldest came home to visit us for the afternoon. I miss her so much! She lives 2 hours away. So it is good to see her whenever she is able to make the trip. I am so happy and blessed to be the mother of these dear children!

Today will be a quiet day at home. We will do our school lessons twice today. I have a morning session planned and an evening session planned. Then tonight, we will do our family Bible study.

I have several cleaning projects I want to work on. I will also bake up a batch of homemade corn muffins and a big pot of homemade beef stew for the evening meal. We will have hot tea and set out special plates, napkins and silverware. It will be a nice time of family gathering while we sit together and eat.

In two days, my father will have his 70'th birthday. We are going to make it special for him. I am so very blessed that my parents live here with us. I cannot tell you how important it is to me that they get to be so close to my family. Dad is like the iron that sharpens iron (from Scripture). His interests, his presence, his godly living are all a witness to me and a warning. I want to be as good and kind as he is. I want to love constant Bible reading, listening to sermons and gospel music as much as he does. My love for these things seems so small compared to his devotion. . .

We will have a precious day when Dad turns 70....

I am off to do my homemaking, or to quote a very dear friend, to be a "Kitchen Saint."

Mrs. White


Dimple said...

Dinner sounds delicious!
I want to say that quiet serenity pervades every post which I have read. God bless your day!

The Machinist's Wife said...

It is wonderful to hear how much you love, honour and admire your dad. We are so fortunate to have them so close, aren't we? I hope you see more and more days of all your children together at home again...

Lots of love xxx

cherie said...

we almost went to live in vermont, mrs. white. that was a long time ago. i enjoyed this post very much, thank you, ma'am. have a blessed day with your family!

lady m said...

Dear Mrs. White,

It is nice to hear that it will soon be getting cooler...Here by the cottage, the days have been quite hot and muggy ;(

Your dinner sounded delicious and perfect for your day!


lady m

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